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Manson Softball vs. White Swan (3 games)


Coach Stewart Reports:


GAME ONE, Thursday, 5 May



Manson            6

White Swan      18



Manson            4

White Swan      9



Manson            2

White Swan      1


OFFENSIVE STATS                                     DEFENSIVE STATS

Makayla Boyd             1-3, 1k, 1b                   1 error

Hailey Ellsworth            0-3, 2k                         3 assists, 1putout

Amanda Buck              1-3, bb,1k 1b               2 putouts

Sierra Miller                 1-2, 1b FC                   1 putout

Emily Huang                 0-3, FC, bb, k              1 error, 3 putouts

Jessica Tejada              0-3, 2bb, 1k                 1 assist, 1 putout. 2e

Idalia Guillen                 0-1

Ariana Aburto              0-1, 1k

Deisi Mendez               02-, 2fc



GAME TWO, Friday, 6 May



Manson            1

White Swan      11



Manson            3

White Swan      4



Manson            3

White Swan      0


OFFENSIVE STATS                                     DEFENSIVE STATS

Makayla Boyd 0-3, FC, 2k                              1 error, 2putouts

Hailey Ellsworth            1-3, 2b, 2k                   2 strikeouts, 4 putouts, 1 error

Amanda Buck              1-2, 1b, 1k                   1 assist, 2 putouts

Sierra Miller                 1-3, 1b, FC, 1k            2 putouts

Emily Huang                 0-3, 1k, 2FC                1 putout

Jessica Tejada              0-2, 2k                         1 assist, 1 putout

Idalia Guillen                 1-2 1hp, 1FC               6 assists, 1 error

Deisi Mendez               02-, 1k, 1FC





Manson            4

White Swan      18



Manson            6

White Swan      5



Manson            3

White Swan      0


OFFENSIVE STATS                                     DEFENSIVE STATS

Makayla Boyd 0-2, 1k                                     1 putout

Hailey Ellsworth            1-2, 1k                         6 assists, 1 putout

Amanda Buck              1-2, 1b, 1k                   1 putout

Sierra Miller                 2-2, 1b, 1FC                1 putout, 1 strikeout

Emily Huang                 2-2, 2b`                       1 putout, 1 error

Lilly Morales                1-2, 1b, 1k                   1 putout, 1 error

Perla Garcia                 0-2, 1k

Celina Alejo                 0-2, 2k                         1 error


The Lady Trojans played three games against White Swan over a two-day period.  In the first game the girls came out to play.  They came out swinging the bats to earn four runs in the top of the first inning then held White Swan to one run defensively.  Then White Swan answered in the second inning by scoring 9 runs.   Our defense was a little rattled but held them off in the third.  White Swan continued to hit the ball well despite Amanda Buck pitching a great game throwing three strike outs.  There were some missed opportunities to get some outs.


We played White Swan in a double header on Friday, May 6 in White Swan.  The first game we were pretty evenly matched, trading out for out in the first inning. Hailey Ellsworth took the mound for the first game and did an outstanding job.  It was the first time this season the Lady Trojans played seven innings, with Ellsworth making it to the 6th inning.  Sierra Miller finished out the last inning at the mound.  We held them for three consecutive innings with no runs.  The conditions were rough, but we kept battling each inning.  I am very proud of the way we worked as a team and never gave up. 


We got off to a great start in the 3rd game with Makayla Boyd, Hailey Ellsworth, Sierra Miller and Amanda Buck all getting on base and crossing home plate to give the Lady Trojans a 4-0 lead.  The weather started to decline rapidly forcing Sierra Miller to pitch with a very soggy softball.  We never quite found our rhythm for the remainder of the game.  The infield got a great workout as most of the hits stayed close allowing White Swan to tie the game at 4-4.  Although the final score does not show it, these girls never gave up and kept on pushing themselves to compete.  I am very proud of each and every one of these ladies. 


The regular season has officially ended for he Lady Trojans, but we begin district play in two weeks.  I look forward to the next two weeks of practice when we can improve our skill and knowledge of the game.


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