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Coach Hill Reports:

Final scores:
wshs-16 mhs-4
wshs-34 mhs-24

wshs-10 mhs-4
wshs-9 mhs-17

wshs-1 mhs-5
wshs-3 mhs-10

These games may not have ended as wins for us, but I am extremely 
impressed with these guys and their improvement especially at the 
plate! Tuesday we put up four runs and today we got twenty-four runs 
in the second game against the same pitching we saw Tuesday. Every run 
we got today we earned! The kids really hit the ball well tonight! In 
fact this was best hitting day we have had in the four years this 
senior class (Nathan Coggins, Taylor Quigley, Stellan Giffin, Johnny 
Jones and Jordan Pittman) has played for me. I am really proud of 
these guys and they have endured a lot in their four years of 
baseball. Nathan's hitting and catching has become some of the best in 
the entire league, he has played all over the place for us and 
excelled no matter the situation. Taylor Quigley has battled injuries 
the past couple years and finally this year got to play again and he 
has done everything that is asked of him! Taylor and Nathan will be 
impossible to replace because of their attitudes, dedication and work 
ethic. Stellan Giffin has always had a lot of potential as a catcher 
ands pitcher, and this year it came to pass for him as he used his 
great arm to pitch and catch and be our most consistent pitcher when 
his arm wasn't soar. Johnny Jones is a great example of what hard work 
can do. Johnny hit the ball better and more consistently tonight than 
ever before, he really went out with a bang as he collected three hits 
in his last two games. Jordan Pittman really improved his defense 
during his senior year as he was forced to only play first base and he 
took it as a challenge to become the best first baseman that he could 
be. In the last coulpe games he made some incredible plays. Bailey 
Stevens got us started in both games tonight scoring runs in the first 
inning of both games. Mr. Utility, Devon Griffith, continued his 
fantastic hitting with another multiple-hit game. Cameron Peters 
pitched well in the first game, but the errors behind him made it 
tough to get outs. Curtis McClellen hit the ball very hard a couple 
times and got on base all night. Luis Vazquez got his first career hit 
with a well placed double to right field. Travis Pittman played a good 
right field and battle in both his at bats. White swan did a great job 
at the plate battling to get free passes. They were very classy and 
have some kids that can really swing the sticks. We also really 
appreciate the hot dogs at the end of games!

For us scoring twenty-
seven runs is a great way to end our season.

Manson offensive stats:
Game #1-
Stevens 1-3 run sb double k
Peters 1-3 2k run
Coggins 1-3 run RBI
Griffith 0-3 roe k 2RBI
McClellan 0-3 k
Giffin 0-1 bb run sb
Jones 1-2 sb roe k
T. Pittman 0-1 k bb
Quigley 0-2 2k RBI

Game #2
Stevens 2-3 3runs 3 sb k bb hbp
Peters 3-5 k roe 2sb 3runs
Coggins 2-5 2k 2runs
Griffith 2-3 4runs 2bb
McClellan 2-5 k 3runs double roe
Giffin 2-3 roe bb 3runs
Jones 2-3 hbp 3runs sb 2doubles
Vazquez 1-3 2k double hbp
Quigley 1-1 3runs 3bb

Game #1 MVP Bailey Stevens
Offensive MVP Johnny Jones
Defensive MVP Devon Griffith

Game #2 MVP Johnny Jones
Offensive MVP Cameron Peters
Defensive MVP Nathan Coggins

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