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 Trojan Softball Team vs. Thorp/Easton-Doubleheader,

reported by Coach Stewart




Manson                        0

Thorp/Easton                26



Manson                        1

Thorp/Easton                16



Manson                        4

Thorp/Easton                1



Manson                        1

Thorp/Easton                21



Manson                        6

Thorp/Easton                19



Manson                        1

Thorp/Easton                0


Lady Trojans fell short in a double-header against Thorp/Easton.  They kept us on our toes defensively in both games with some great hits forcing us to play ball.  Although the scorebook doesn’t show it, the Lady Trojans fought hard and never gave up.  We could not get our bats in either game.  Amanda Buck got the only base hit for the team in the first game and Sierra Miller hit a home run in the second scoring our only run.  Our pitchers fought hard at the plate but errors in the field forced them to push a little harder in the game 1.  In the second game Thorp/Easton hit the ball to the holes in our defense which really made Manson work hard for an out.  It was an opportunity for each player to find their role on the team; some great experience was had by all.  Our last three games against White Swan should prove to be some great softball and we should be very competitive.


Manson Offensive Stats Game 1

Makayla Boyd, 0-2, 2k

Hailey Ellsworth, 0-2, 2k

Sierra Miller, 0-2, 1k

Amanda Buck, 2-2

Emily Huang, 0-2, 2k

Idalia Guillen, 0-1, 1k

Jessica Tejada, 0-2, 2k

Lilly Morales, 0-1, 1k

Garcia, Perla, 0-1, 1k


Manson defensive Stats Game 1

Amanda Buck, 1 strikeouts,1 putout

Emily Huang, 1 putout

Sierra Miller, 1 put outs-

Hailey Ellsworth, 1 putout, 3 assists, 1 error

Idalia Guillen, 1 putout

Makayla Boyd, 1 putout, 2 errors

Jessica Tejada, 1 put out, 1 error

Deisi Mendez, 1 putout


Manson Offensive Stats Game 2

Makayla Boyd, 2-3, 2-b, 1k

Hailey Ellsworth, 02- 2k

Sierra Miller, 1-2 1HR

Amanda Buck, 0-2

Emily Huang, 0-2, 2k

Idalia Guillen, 2-2

Jessica Tejada, 0-2, 2k

Aburto, Ariana, 0-1 1k

Celina Alejo 0-1, 1k

Deisi Mendez, 0-1, 1k

Garcia, Perla, 0-1, 1k


Manson defensive Stats Game 2

Amanda Buck, 1 strikeouts, 4 putouts

Emily Huang, 1 putout

Hailey Ellsworth, 5 putouts, 1 error

Idalia Guillen, 4 assists

Makayla Boyd, 1 putout

Ariana Aburto, 1 error

Jessica Tejada, 1 put out, 4 assists

Emily Huang, 1 putout

Sierra Miller Hits a Homerun ~

And Nancy Miller (Mom) Captures the Awesome Hit!

Way to go Sierra!


Note Coach Report not in yet to post

5.3.11 Manson vs. Thorp





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By Nancy Miller

Manson vs. Thorp
May 3, 2011
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