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White Swan 14 @ Manson Baseball 4


Coach Hill reports:

Final score: wshs 14 mhs 4
Hits: wshs 7 mhs 5
Errors: wshs 3 mhs 7

I was really proud of our guys on senior night. We didn't win, but we showed so much improvement since our last game! I can truly say that these guys have improved every game throughout this season. Our seniors really stepped up their games today.

Stellan Giffin pitched very well while making a couple of great defensive plays to back himself up. Taylor Quigley hit the ball hard twice getting a single in the fourth. Jordan Pittman made a couple nice plays at first base. Nathan Coggins tore the cover off the ball on a double to left field. Johnny Jones reached base on a hustle play and the advanced to second on a stolen base.

White Swan was much better than advertised; they have a couple kids that can really hit the ball. Their catcher was one of the best that we have seen. He can really block the ball, NOTHING got past him. It really goes to show how tough our league is, the ncw2b south league might be the toughest 2b league in the state.

 It was nice to finish before the softball team for once so that we 
could go support them like they have done for us many times this year. It was great to see the tremendous job Coach Stewart and Coach Gray have done! The girls, just like the boys, have really worked hard to get better this year and it showed during both our games. The improvement for both teams says a lot about Coach Stewart, Coach Gray, Coach Lopez and Coach Monteleone.

MHS offensive stats:
Bailey Stevens 0-1 2bb k run RBI, Cameron peters 0-2 2k bb run
Nathan Coggins 1-2 double 2rbi run hbp, Devon Griffith 1-2 bb
Curtis McClellan 0-3 roe k, Johnny Jones 0-3 roe RBI, Luis Vazquez 0-1 k, Kent Ustanik 2-3 k double run k, Stellan Giffin 0-2 2k bb, Taylor Quigley 1-2, Travis Pittman 0-1

MHS defensive stats:
Errors- Quigley 4 J Pittman 1 Peters 2

Put outs- J Pittman 4 Ustanik 2 Coggins 4 Jones 1 Peters 1 Giffin 3
Assists- McClellan 2 Peters 4 Giffin 5

Game MVP: Nathan Coggins
Defensive MVP: Stellan Giffin
Offensive MVP: Kent Ustanik

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