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Manson Baseball @ Warden


Coach Hill reports:

Game #1 Final: warden 15 Manson 0
Hits: warden 4 Manson 1
Errors: warden 0 Manson 7

Game #2 final: warden 15 Manson 1
Hits: warden 8 Manson 2
Errors: warden 0 Manson 6

Even though we didn't win tonight I am as proud of these guys as I have been all season. Their attitude, hustle and leadership was exceptional tonight. Our seniors have really taken over as leaders. The last time we played warden we got shutout and no-hit and today not only did we get three hits, but we also hit the ball hard many times throughout the double dip. I am very happy with the improvement the guys are showing from game to game.


We got great pitching from Stellan Giffin, Taylor Quigley and Bailey Stevens. Nathan Coggins had his best game ever behind the plate during the second game. Curtis McClellan made some nice plays at third.


All of our outfielders continued their improvement as Johnny Jones, Cameron Peters and Bailey Stevens all caught fly balls. Luis Vazquez came into the second game and hit an absolute seed to left. Bailey Stevens ripped a ball to right center for a triple, only a stumble around first cost him an inside-the-park homer, he later took the plate on a passed ball for our lone run of the day. Kent Ustanik got a well hit single in the third inning of the first game to break up the no-no.  Cameron Peters smashed a single to center in the second game.


 Once again the biggest difference in the game was our errors and walks, but we are getting better at both as this season progresses.

Manson offensive stats:

Game #1-
Giffin 0-1 k
Peters 0-1 k
Coggins 0-1
Griffith 0-1 k
McClellan 0-1 k
Stevens 0-1
T Pittman 0-1 k
Ustanik 1-1
Quigley 0-1 k
J Pittman played 1st w/dh

Game #2-
Giffin 0-1 k
Vazquez 0-1
Peters 0-2 k cs
Coggins 0-2 k
Griffith 0-2
McClellan 0-1
Stevens 1-1 triple run
Jones 0-1 k
Callison 0-1 k
T Pittman 0-1

Defensive stats:

Game #1-
Peters 2 putouts 1 error
McClellan 2 putouts
Stevens 1 putout 1 assist
J Pittman 1 putout 2 putouts
Giffin 1 assist 2 errors
Ustanik 2 errors

Game #2-
McClellan 1 putout 1 assist 2 errors
Griffith 3 putouts 1 error
Coggins 1 putout 1 assist
Callison 2 putouts 1 assist 2 errors
Peters 1 putout 2 assists
Giffin 1 putout 1 assist 1 error
Jones 1 putout

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