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Kittitas @ Manson Baseball

Coach Hill reports:

Final scores:
Game #1-Kittitas 17 Manson 0 / Game #2-Kittitas 20 Manson 0

Scores by inning:
Game#1-KHS 11,5,1,0,0
Game#2-KHS 13,5,2,0,0

Hits: Game#1-MHS 1 KHS 8/ Game#2-MHS 1 KHS 12

Errors: Game #1 MHS 7 KHS 0 / Game #2-MHS 9 KHS 0

Tough day on the scoreboard, but a great day for baseball! This was our first day playing under the sun and I felt our guys showed up to play. Even though it doesn't show in the score our kids played very hard, but we were up against a GREAT team. I feel we do have a lot of positives to come away with today. Nathan Coggins made an incredible diving catch at shortstop, Johnny Jones hit a ball as hard as any he has hit in his four year career, Bailey Stevens pitched extremely well in his high school pitching debut, Stellan Giffin hit his first career triple and got on base to start off each game for us, Cameron Peters and Taylor Quigley both threw a lot of strikes and we had many guys making great plays backing up throws. It's great to see the guys starting to understand the game; as soon as we start to clean-up our errors on defense we could give some good teams a scare the rest of the season. This was a tough challenge for us as Kittitas is very good.  They don't make errors, their two pitchers are very overpowering and they ALL hit the ball well. I was extremely impressed with the way Wallace (#8) hit the ball during the three games this week and both Sorenson and Johnson did an incredible job of silencing our bats. I gotta give their coach, (Merle Watkins) credit for the great job he does every year with his teams, they are always ready to play both mentally and physically and no matter what they play with confidence.

Manson stats:

Game #1-
Stellan Giffin 0-1, bb, k, cs, Cameron Peters 0-2, k, Nathan Coggins 0-2, Devon Griffith 1-2, k, Curtis McClellan 0-1, k, Luis Vazquez 0-1, k
Travis Pittman 0-1, k, Kent Ustanik 0-1, k, Johnny Jones 0-1, k, Blake Callison 0-1, Bailey Stevens 0-1, k, Taylor Quigley 0-1, k, Jordan Pittman played 1st w/dh

Defensive stats-
Peters 2 putouts 1 error 2 assists, Coggins 1 putout, J Pittman 6 putouts
Stevens 1 putout 2 errors 3 assists, Giffin 4 putouts 2 assists, McClellan 1 putout 2 errors, Jones 1 error, Quigley 1 error 2 assists

Offensive MVP: Stellan Giffin
Defensive MVP: Bailey Stevens
Game MVP: Devon Griffith

Game #2-
Giffin 1-2, triple, Peters 0-1, k, Jones 0-2, k, Coggins 0-1, k, Vazquez 0-1
Griffith 0-2, 2k, McClellan 0-2, k, Stevens 0-2, 2k, Ustanik 0-2, 2k, Quigley 0-2, 2k, T. Pittman 0-1, k, J. Pittman played 1st w/dh

Defensive stats-
McClellan 1 error 3 assists, Quigley 2 errors, Stevens 1 error 1 putout 2 assists, Coggins 1 error, Ustanik 2 errors 5 putouts 2 assists, Giffin 1 error 5 put outs 1 assist, J Pittman 1 error 4 putouts, Peters 4 assists

Offensive MVP: Stellan Giffin
Defensive MVP: Nathan Coggins
Game MVP: Bailey Stevens

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