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Lady Trojan Softball Team vs. Kittitas

Tuesday, 19 April, reported by Coach Stewart




Manson            0

Kittitas             24



Manson            0,0

Kittitas             22,2



Manson            0

Kittitas             17



Manson            3

Kittitas             0


Manson faced a hard-hitting Kittitas team.  We never got our rhythm going but hung in there as best we could.  The outfield really got their workout as the hits always managed to hit the gaps.  Though the game was long in time, it was short in innings so our batters only made it through the line-up once.  Sierra Miller started off getting three strikeouts; Amanda Buck followed up with two more.


I was very proud of our girls sticking it out. They were able to see what a really good offense can do to a game in a very short amount of time.  I know they all walked away with more enthusiasm to challenge themselves to keep working hard to gain better knowledge of the game and continue to improve as a team.



Manson Offensive Stats

Makayla Boyd, 0-2, 1k

Hailey Ellsworth, 0-1

Sierra Miller, 0-1, 1k

Amanda Buck, 0-2, 1k, hit pitch

Emily Huang, 0-2, 2k

Idalia Guillen, 0-1, 1k

Jessica Tejada, 0-1-, 1k

Ariana Aburto, 0-0, bb

Deisi Mendez, 0-1, 1k


Manson defensive Stats

Sierra Miller, 2 strikeouts, 1 error

Amanda Buck, 2 stikeouts,

Deisi Mendez, 1 error

Emily Hung, 1 error


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