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Manson Baseball @ Kittitas

Final score: KHS 20 - MHS 1


Coach Hill reports:

Score by inning: KHS 2, 8, 1, 9 / MHS 0, 0, 0, 0, 1

Hits: KHS 12- MHS 3 / Errors: KHS 0 -MHS 8

We got off to a decent start against the three-time defending league champs as we got two outs without a run crossing the plate, but an error kept the first inning going for them leading to a 2-0 lead at the end of the first. In the top of the second it looked like we might be alright when Curtis McClellan led off the inning hitting the ball hard to second, Devon Griffith followed Curtis by lacing a seed also right to second; unfortunately their second baseman made plays on both balls. After that we struggled a bit on defense committing seven more errors.

Tonight I was proud of our guys as they never gave up against a very good Kittitas baseball team and in my opinion the best coached team around. We learn something every time we play Kittitas, they don't make mistakes and hustle all game long. Coach Watkins gets more out of his team than any coach around; his kids know what they need to do EVERY pitch.

I was really happy with our improvement from our last game, it really goes to show that the kids are listening and working at getting better. I believe this is because of the great job our coaches (Gabby Lopez and Graham Monteleone) are doing every day in practice with the kids. I am also really impressed with the way the kids were not intimidated by Kittitas this time around. We hit the ball hard throughout the game, yet it just seemed like every ball we hit was right at them. Cameron Peters did a great job on the mound tonight, he is getting better and better with each outing. Nathan Coggins made a couple great plays at shortstop; just like Cameron Nathan's work-ethic and dedication to being at practice are really paying off. Kent Ustanik broke up the no-no in the third inning with a well placed Texas leaguer, Devon Griffith beat out an infield single for our second hit and Bailey Stevens hit a ball as hard as any ball we have hit this year for our
 third and final hit. Stellan Giffin had his best game behind the plate; he has also improved a ton this season as a catcher in his first season behind the dish.

Manson offensive stats: Giffin 0-2, 1 k, Peters 0-2, 1 k. Coggins 0-2, 1 k
McClellan 0-2. Griffith 1-2, 1 run, 1 sb, T. Pittman 0-1, 1 k, J. Jones 0-1, 1 k
Quigley 0-1, 1 k, Vazquez 0-1, Stevens 1-2, 1 k, 1 RBI, 2 sb, Ustanik 1-1
J. Pittman played 1st base with a DH.

Kittitas offensive stats: Brooks 3-4, Mitchell 0-0, bb, T. Wallace 2-2, 2 bb
Studer 0-0, bb, Sorenson 2-4, 2 bb, I. Johnson 1-5, Struder 3-4, Z. Wallace 1-2, 2 bb, Poole 0-3, Gibbs 1-1, J. Johnson 0-1, 2 bb, Fogle 0-0, bb, Driver 0-1, bb, and Taylor 0-1, bb.

Manson defensive stats: Coggins 1 put out, 2 assists, Giffin 5 put outs, 2 errors, Stevens 1 error, J. Pittman 4 put outs, 2 errors, Ustanik 1 put out, 1 error, Peters 1 put out, 5 assists, McClellan 1 assist, and Quigley 1 assist, 2 errors.

Game MVP: Bailey Stevens
Offensive MVP: Devon Griffith
Defensive MVP: Nathan Coggins

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