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Manson Softball @ Warden Double Header

Coach Janice Stewart and Coach Sarah Gray 


GAME ONE                                                  GAME TWO


FINAL SCORE                                              FINAL SCORE

Manson            0                                              Manson            0

Warden            21                                            Warden            18


HITS                                                               HITS

Manson            0                                              Manson            0

Warden            21                                            Warden            18


ERRORS                                                       ERRORS

Manson            3                                              Manson            0

Warden            0                                              Warden            0



The Manson Lady Trojans traveled to Warden for a double-header on April 16.  We knew we were in for some tough competition.  Though the score may not show, it the girls played very hard never giving up and learning something new in every play.  . Sierra Miller pitched the first game and faced some great hitters.  It gave our defense some great experience at fielding. Amanda Buck got the start in game two and struck out two hitters.  Warden pitched one of their best which made it difficult to connect with the ball. 



Manson Offensive Stats

Makayla Boyd             0-1, 1k

Hailey Ellsworth            0-2, 2k

Sierra Miller                 0-2, 1k

Amanda Buck              0-2, 1k

Emily Huang                 0-2, 2k

Idalia Guillen                 0-2, 2k

Jessica Tejada              0-1, 1k

Ariana Aburto              0-1, 1k, 1sb

Ariana Aburto              0-0, bb

Perla Garcia                 0-1, 1 k

Celina Alejo                 01-, 1k


Manson Defensive Stats

Hailey Ellsworth            2 assists, 3 errors

Sierra Miller                 2 put outs,

Amanda Buck              1 put out, 1 assist

Idalia Guillen                 1 put out

Jessica Tejada              2 put outs, 1 assist





Manson Offensive Stats:

Makayla Boyd, 0-2, 1k

Hailey Ellsworth, 0-1, 1k, bb

Sierra Miller, 0-2

Amanda Buck, 0-2, 1k

Emily Huang, 0-2, 2k

Idalia Guilen, 0-2, 1k

Jessica Tejada, 0-2, 1k

Perla Garcia, 0-1

Celina Alejo, 0-1

Arian Aburto, 0-1, 1k


Manson Defensive Stats:

Makayla Boyd, 2 put-outs

Hailey Ellsworth, 1 put out

Amanda Buck, 2 strikeouts

Emily Huang, 1 put out,

Idalia Guillen, 2 assists


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By Nancy Miller


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