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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Manson Baseball vs. Warden @ Chelan

Coach Chris Hill reports:

Final score: Manson 0 - Warden 18

Hits: Manson 0 -Warden 10

Errors: Warden 0 -Manson 10

Well this was a rough night. Once again it was raining and windy throughout the game, in fact we have been yet to play a warm game. Chelanís coach and athletic director did a great job getting the field ready; it looked great until the monsoon hit it.

This Warden team that we played tonight is the best 2b team we have played against in the four years we have had our program. If the breaks go their way they could end up playing at the end of May in Yakima. They are very good, but they are also very classy. I was extremely impressed with the way both their coaches and players acted throughout the game and after when we shook hands; they are an easy ballclub to root for! Their pitching was extremely good and every one of their kids hit the ball hard.

As for us, we did try hard. I was really happy with the way Cameron Peters, Nathan Coggins and Taylor Quigley pitched tonight. Even though they all gave up runs; they all pitched strikes and that is what we are asking of them. Not every team hits the ball like Warden so if they continue to throw strikes we will be fine. Willy Jones made two really nice plays at second base. We didn't have our best hitting night, but Curtis McClellan, Johnny Jones and Cameron Peters all hit a ball hard in their first at-bats. Jordan Pittman made an unbelievable catch while flipping over the right field fence. Johnny Jones also made the most entertaining play of the night when he grounded out to short and hustled down the line only to have his legs go too fast and flew over the bag into right field.

Manson offensive stats:
Stellan Giffin 0-1, bb
Cameron peters 0-2, k
Nathan Coggins 0-2, 2 k
Curtis McClellan 0-1
Blake Callison 0-1, k
Devon Griffith 0-0, bb
Ryan Gilstrap 0-1, k
Taylor Quigley 0-2, 2 k
Bailey Stevens 0-1
Luis Vazquez 0-1, k
Willy Jones 0-2, 2 k
Johnny Jones 0-1
Kent Ustanik, Travis Pittman and Jordan Pittman played in the field 
only tonight.

Defensive stats:
Jordan 1 error 5 put outs
Taylor 3 errors 2 assists
Stellan 7 put outs 3 errors
Cameron 1 assist 1 error 1 put out
Kent 1 assist
Nathan 6 assists
Bailey 1 error
Curtis 1 put out
Willy 1 put out
Luis 1 put out
Ryan 1 error


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