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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Manson @ Chelan

Coach Hill reports:

Final score: Chelan 12 - Manson 11

Hits: Chelan 5 -  Manson 5

Chelan 1
Manson 5

For the third straight game we got out to a lead in the top of the 
first inning. Our number three through nine batters all reached base 
during the first frame. Unfortunately, the bottom of the first was our 
downfall as we gave up nine runs on five walks and five errors. Even 
though we got beat this was a positive experience for a couple 
reasons: first of all we really improved since our last two games and 
secondly it is always fun playing chelan in baseball because coach 
Burbury always shows a lot of class as do his players.
Taylor Quigley pitched in a game for the first time in his life and 
did a great job with two strikeouts and only one walk to go along with 
one earned run. Cameron Peters and Nathan Coggins each scored two runs 
and Nathan reached base on all three of his at-bats.

Manson offensive stats:
Stellan Giffin 0-2, 2k, 1r, hbp, 2sb
Cameron Peters 2-3, triple, double, 2r, sb, k
Nathan Coggins 0-1, 2r, 4sb, roe, bb, hbp
Curtis McClellen 1-3, 1r, k
Devon Griffith 0-1, 1k, 2bb, 1r, 2sb
Taylor Quigley 0-0, 3bb, 1r, sb
Bailey Stevens 0-1, roe, 2bb, 1r
Johnny Jones 1-2, 1r, sb, bb
Kent Ustanik 1-2, sb, k

Manson pitching stats:
Nathan Coggins 1 inning, 5bb, 4 earned runs, 6 unearned runs, 3k, 3 hits
Taylor Quigley 2 inning, 2k, 2 hits, 1bb, 1 earned run, 1 unearned run

Defensive MVP: Taylor Quigley
Offensive MVP: Nathan Coggins & Cameron Peters

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