10-11 Manson Sports

2.1 Trojans- Pateros



GoLakeChelan 2010 -11 Manson  Sports


By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Manson 36 Pateros 66


Coach Crollard reports: 

It was a tail of two halves for the boyís basketball team last night at Pateros. Even though we didnít shoot the ball well all game we played great defense against them in the first half and we were only down 6 points. They shot the ball so well in the second half we just couldnít stay up with them. They were 6 for 8 from three point land and their big 6í5 post seemed like he didnít miss a shot all game. The kids battled and played their hearts out; unfortunately we continue to have so many turnovers it takes away from our opportunities to get shots. Ty Harding was the one bright spot last night contributing 14 points and 7 rebounds. Ty played a great game, he looked for his shot and was very aggressive when the ball was in his hands and thatís what we need right now. Last night was just one of those games that every team has during a season, the basket just seemed to get smaller and smaller and we couldnít make the shots we normally make. We have a tough game Friday night against Lake Roosevelt, but Iím excited the guys have a chance to come back and make something happen.

Coach Crollard

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