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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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January 4, 2011

Coach Ward reports:

Manson 32 Ė Bridgeport 23

The New Year was brought in with a game that had a lot of Christmas break rust involved.  Although we ended the game with a higher score than our opponent, as a coach, it was hard on the eyes to watch.  We played against a Bridgeport team that had a pretty good size advantage on our squad and we didnít really look like we were very willing to block them out.  Bridgeport had their way with the boards on both sides of the floor.  Our total number of turnovers was probably pretty equal to our total score which isnít a very good stat.  Usually I would tell my team that if we get beat on the boards and lose the turnover battle we lose the game.  Well somehow our kids found a way to prove me wrong and win their 5th straight game and their 1st league contest by a 9 point margin.  The scoring totals were O. Orozco (11), M. Vanderholm (6), B. Stevens (5), S. Leyva (4), F. Orozco (3), E. Hernandez (2), and A. Espinosa (1).  Although it wasnít the prettiest win, our defense did do a good job holding Bridgeport to only 23 points, 3 points away from a season low. 

By Quarter:

Manson         9    17    28    32

Bridgeport    6    12    20    23 


Thanks to all of the parents and supporters who traveled to Bridgeport to cheer the boys on! Our next opponent is Pateros and we will face them in Manson on January 7th at 6:00PM in the old gym. 

Coach Ward


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