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12.18 Lady Trojans - Waterville



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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Lady Trojans' Defeat Waterville

Photos by Nancy Miller

Hailey Ellsworth makes her way down court


Coach Hill reports:

Final score:
Manson 26 Waterville 18

By quarter:
6-2, 4-2, 8-7, 8-7

This was probably our best all-around game in the past two years, even though we struggled shooting the ball. Our defense was incredible, our passing was great and our rebounding was stellar! The girls looked up the floor for open teammates better than I have ever seen them do. This was such a fun game to watch the girls perform in. Our bench played very well and the girls that didn't get in were awesome teammates cheering the whole time. They will all get a lot more playing time the next two weeks with four girls going on Christmas vacations. We also lost a very good guard (Angelica Suarez) for tonights game, after she re-injured her knee. We hope she gets better very soon.

The only part of the game that hurt us was shooting as we went 12-63 (19%) from the field and 2-16 (13%) from the line. Once we fix our shooting problems good things could happen for these girls. I really feel their hard work in practice and determination got them this win against a very young and scrappy Waterville team. The future is also very bright for Waterville.

Also, I believe that all of the hard work from my extremely valuable assistants (Mey Broome and Caleb Carbone) is really paying off in both practice and games. This was truly a team win right down to our excellent managers (Rubi and Kendra) and stat keeper (Fred Miller.) Anither reason tonight was so great is because we threw a lot of new things at the girls and they were all able to grasp itand use it through out the game. We were also able to make many X and O changes during the game, which we haven't always been able to do, and they did all of it well out of time-outs and quarters! It's really good to see the girls pick it up mentally now.
Cheyanne McFadden continued her improvement tossing in two points and only had one turnover as a point guard. Ofelia Rodriguez played excellent man defense on their point guard giving her fits all game long. Sierra Miller had her best offensive game of the year with six points. Jackie Guillen grabbed nine rebounds. Hailey Ellsworth was the floor general again leading us with four assists and three steals. Thalia Lepley really came to play physically tonight, she was all over the floor for every loose ball. Abby Bridgewater was her usual self dominating on the boards with SEVENTEEN total rebounds! Itzel Castro saw her first varsity minutes this year as she came off the bench to give us a spark in the second quarter with a steal and an assist.

Manson stats:
Cheyanne 2-pt 2-reb 1-to 2-ast 1-stl
Ofelia 4-reb 3-to 1-ast 1-stl
Sierra 6-pt 8-reb 0-TO
Jackie 2-pt 9-reb 5-to 2-ast 2-stl
Hailey 6-pt 8-reb 3-to 4-ast 3-stl
Thalia 4-reb 2-to 1-ast 2-stl
Abby 10-pt 17-reb 5-to 1-ast 3-stl
Itzel 2-reb 1-ast 2-stl

Game MVP- Abby Bridgewater
Offensive MVP- Sierra Miller
Defensive MVP- Ofelia Rodriguez

Waterville scoring:
Tolmey 6
Clements 2
Lsnfon 5
Davila 3

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By Nancy Miller

Lady Trojans Win!
Manson 26 Waterville 18

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