10-11 Manson Sports

1.14 Trojans - Liberty Bell




GoLakeChelan 2010 -11 Manson  Sports


By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Photo by Nancy Miller

2010 -11 Manson Varsity Trojans'


Coach Crollard 

Assistant Coaches: Coach Ward & Coach Carbone


1.14.11 Manson Trojans 45, Liberty Bell 39 


Boy's stats from book:

Javier Guillen


18 points




Miguel Lopez


 6 points




Ty Harding


 2 points




Oscar Ocampo


 2 points




Abran Grajedo


14 points




Carlos Pineda


 3 points





                    Manson                   Liberty Bell

1st Quarter: 10 points                        12 points

2nd quarter: 15 points                        16 points

3rd Quarter: 8 points                            6 points

4th Quarter: 12 points                          5 points


THANK You ~~~~ Nancy Miller!!!


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By Nancy Miller

Manson Trojans 45, Liberty Bell 39
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