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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Manson girls @ Lake Roosevelt


Coach Hill reports:
Final score:
LR 64
Manson 22
Score by quarter:
LR 16-23-19-6
Manson 5-8-5-4
Well this was one of those nights that you just forget about the scoreboard and find things to work on and keep things positive, for both the players and the coaches. I personally feel both the girls and boys have a lot to be proud of after last night and I am sure every parent at the game would agree with me. Both the girls and boys ran into much bigger and more experienced teams last night. Their girls can flat out play basketball; they were very fun to watch. The fact that neither of our Manson teams quit showed a lot of character, and the class both teams showed throughout the entirety of both games was amazing. Had we been keeping score for hustle both of our girls and boys would have come home with W's.
I am sure Coach Crollard is just as proud of Nathan, Ty, Javier, Angel, Abran, Miguel and Alex as I am of Hailey, Ofelia, Thalia, Sierra, Cheyanne, Abby, Lia, Jaque, Itzel and Angelica. I would also like to point how well our cheerleaders performed last night, from start to finish they continued to cheer and be positive towards the players no matter the score. I would bet their coach is also very happy with their performance. I can really see the hard work they have put in is paying off.
We have a lot that we can take away from this game that is positive. We had the fewest turnovers in a single game during my time coaching the girls, we had our best start to a game of the year (we have really been focusing on better starts,) we ran multiple offenses getting good looks out of them all and we had twenty-one steals against two very good guards. We know that in order to be more competitive the rest of this season we need to do a better job of blocking out and rebounding, but with that we did a much better job of help defense on the back-side, we have really been stressing this aspect of the game this year. Cheyanne McFadden and Hailey Ellsworth both did a tremendous job of this last night. The fact that the girls are learning in practice and then using what they have learned in games really shows that they care and they are trying their hardest and that is what we are asking of them. The girls really are winners in my book because of their hard work, dedication and willingness to learn. It's great when you coach a team you are proud of every night. A special thanks goes to Mrs. Teague for coming to speak to our team this week, she was amazing and the girls learned a lot from her life stories and i believe her words of wisdom will help us all.
Cheyanne McFadden played her best game of the year! She came off the bench and was by far the most aggressive at both ends of the floor as I have ever seen her be. LR was very big, yet Cheyanne found a way to grab five rebounds. Lia Verduzco came in and took a beautiful jump shot that looked about as good as gold, it just didn't fall for her. Lia also found pulled in two rebounds. Ofelia Rodriguez played an awesome game on defense! While we played man defense she absolutely shut down their best player. She also had eight rebounds.
Sierra Miller continues to understand and play the best help defense on the team. She had four rebounds and an assist. Jaque Guillen guarded a much bigger player most the game and held her to four points and finished with two of her own points. Hailey Ellsworth was a boxscore filler with eight rebounds, four assists and three steals. She played point with a ton a pressure for the majority of the game. She also hit two three-pointers. Thalia Lepley came in and really battled with much bigger opponents for rebounds. She finished with five boards and a steal that she did a great job of anticipating. Abby Bridgewater worked extremely hard in the post against the biggest girl she has probably ever had to play against. She defended very well and worked to get seven rebounds and six points. Itzel Castro played girls as fast as her for the first time ever, yet she didn't let that bother her as she continued to play great defense and take the ball to the hoop on offense for two points.
Manson stats:
McFadden 5 reb. 2 to. 1 ast. 3 stl. 0-2 fg. 0-2 ft.
Verduzco 2 reb. 1 to. 1 stl. 0-1 fg.
Rodriguez 8 reb. 0 TURNOVERS, 1 ast. 2 stl.
Miller 4 reb. 3 to. 1 ast. 0-5 fg.
Guillen 8 reb. 1 to. 2 stl. 1-5 fg. 0-2 ft. 2 pts.
Ellsworth 8 reb. 1 to. 4 ast. 3 stl. 4-11 fg. 0-3 ft. 10 pts.
Lepley 5 reb. 2 to. 1 stl. 0-2 fg. 2-4 ft. 2 pts.
Bridgewater 7 reb. 4 to. 6 stl. 3-9 fg. 0-1 ft. 6 pts.
Castro 4 reb. 3 to. 1 ast. 3 stl. 0-4 fg. 2-2 ft. 2 pts.
GAME MVP: Cheyanne McFadden
Defensive MVP: Ofelia Rodriguez
Offensive MVP: Hailey Ellsworth


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Photos by Nancy Miller

Lk. Roosevelt 64, Manson 22

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