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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Football League North Standings


                      LG WIN          LG LOSS    NL WIN   NL LOSS

Brewster         4                     0                    2            1                 

Oroville           3                    0                     3            1                

Entiat               2                    2                     1            1

Manson           2                    2                     1           1

Bridgeport      1                    3                     1           2

Pateros            1                   2                      1           2

Liberty Bell     0                    3                     0            3


Manson Trojan’s hosted the Brewster Bears to 37- zip victory.


October 8th, 2010

Coach Barnes reports:

Brewster 37 – Manson 0

Half time found the Bears up 11- 0. Brewster had a field goal, punts were exchanged both ways, Trojans failed to field a Brewster punt that rolled dead on Manson’s two yard line, 1st down a dive to Jordan Pittman, gain of a couple yards. 2nd down a toss sweep to Javier Guillen was mishandled a safety earned by Brewster. Score was 5-0. The ensuing free-kick (punt) was returned for a touchdown, Brewster elected for a two point conversion which failed.

The mood in the locker room at half time was serious but positive. The defense had played well, only allowing 3 points. We talked about blocking adjustments for the second half and I really felt we were ready to rock and roll.

Well…we got rocked and the Bears rolled putting up 26 points and shutting down our offense. Nate Coggins made three great passes to Carlos Pineda and one to Marcus Vanderholm. Nate had tons of pressure on him all night in the pocket; three of his 4 interceptions went right through our receivers hands and were caught by the Bears.

Hat’s off to the Bears players and coaches. We were out played and out coached. They deserved our best and it just wasn’t there, tonight. Next week I’m sure will be different, this was a tough loss and I’m glad to say the players not happy about their performance. This is one we flush and move on.

Film on Saturday morning was pretty quiet, not many teaching moments to reflect on. Monday is back to basics.

Looking forward:

Manson travels to Liberty Bell this Friday. The Lions have yet to win a game this season and will be looking for revenge for last year’s 11-8 lose to Manson. Kick-off is at 7 pm.

Many thanks to all the fans and parents, you make a lot of noise. Final note: The officials have job to do, we are seeing many personal fouls called for “horse-collaring” This is a good rule and has been given a high priority during the rules clinics this season. Horse- collaring can result in serious knee injuries or whip lash. Bottom line, I have yet to see a bad call by any official yet this season.  The officials are the gatekeepers of our great sport, let them do their job. Enough said. Coach Barnes

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By Nancy Miller

Trojans fall to Brewster Bears

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