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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Bridgeport wins in penalty kicks


Coach Lopez reports:

The Lady Trojans played Bridgeport on an evenly and exciting game on Tuesday.  Bridgeport came out fast only it took them two minutes to score.  After Bridgeport goal the lady Trojans began to control the ball and getting their self opportunities to score.  At the thirty third minute Manson had a brake away put the ball on the net.  After Manson scored both teams had different opportunities to score but neither team could capitalize. 

In the second half the game was evenly played with both teams missing chance to score.  After playing two five minutes overtime the score was still tide one a piece.  So the game came down to penalty kicks.  This time luck was not on the lady Trojans side missing three out five penalty kicks while Bridgeport only missed one. 



Manson 1                      Bridgeport 1       (Bridgeport wins on penalty kicks 3-4)



Manson                         Bridgeport

Itzel Castro 33 min.        Verenice Moreno 2 min.


Shots at goal

Manson 9                      Bridgeport 16


Shots save

Manson 13                    Bridgeport 5 

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