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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Coach Lopez reports:



Manson 3 Wenatchee C 0


The Manson soccer team played Wenatchee C squad on Thursday, October 14.  The lady Trojans came out ready to play.  In the first twelve minutes Manson was leading the game by three goals.  Wenatchee had multiple of opportunities to score but they just kept missing.  Close to the end of the half Manson goalie (Jessica Gallagher) stopped a Wenatchee penalty kick. 


In the second half both teams had limited chances of scoring.  Manson finished the last fifteen minutes of the game with only ten players due to Yeraldin injury.  



Wenatchee 0                 Manson 3



Wenatchee                    Manson

                                    Itzel Castro 5, 7 and 12 min.


Shots at goal

Wenatchee 15               Manson 18


Shots Save

Wenatchee 12               Manson 9

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