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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller


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Photos by Nancy Miller



Manson 16 Ė Entiat 13 double overtime.

Friday October 1st 2010

Coach Barnes reports:

Homecoming at Entiat Tigerís field. Trojanís received the kickoff and marched to the Tigerís twenty- eight yard line where they gave it over on downs.  Entiat found the end-zone first on a 13 yard run by quarterback, Thomas Sanford, PAT was good by Alex Delgado. The TD was set up on a 34 yard pass from Sanford to fullback Garrett Kamphaus.

Manson answered back on the final play of the first quarter, on a ten yard run by Javier Guillen, PAT was blocked.

Entiat Ďs Sanford found the end again with 7 minutes remaining in the first half, on a ten yard run. PAT sailed wide-right. Half time score Entiat 13 Ė Manson 6

Manson scored with 8 minutes remaining in the third quarter on a two yard run by Guillen. Carlos Pinedaís PAT was good. Game knotted at 13 all.

Kansas City Tie Breaker: each team has a shot from the 25 yard line. One timeout for each over time period. First two overtimes start at the 25 yard line, and then the third begins at the ten.

Neither team scored it the first OT, Manson chooses to defend first and shut down the Tigerís in the second OT.  On fourth and 3, Pineda punched a 35 yard field goal dead center, he had 10 yards to spare. Kent Ustanik made a great hold and the line held tough. Game over.

Jordan Pittman ran like a man possessed, despite having a bad ankle. Pittman had 16 carries for 77 yards and 1 reception for 11. Javier Guillen rushed 25 times for 150 yards and had two receptions for 13 yards.

Passing stats: Nate Coggins was 8 for 18 with 65 yards. Carlos Pineda had 2 catches for 27 yards, Ustanik 1 for 7 and the highlight reel catch of the night was a 13 yard slant pass to Paul Toolson.  Paul had jump as high as his 5-7 body could take him. That was a big play that got us a much needed first down, on our first scoring drive.

Defense played very well for the second week in a row, shutting out opponents in the second half.  Ustanik had two key interceptions and Guillen, Marcus Vanderholm, Alex Vanderholm and Casey Sorensen made great contributions. On Special Teams play, James Hacker made a super solo tackle for the kickoff team.

Looking ahead: Manson hosts Brewster this Friday, kickoff 7pm.

Brewster is well coached and runs the spread option very well.  They have great all around speed and are fierce competitors.

Thanks to all the fans that traveled to Entiat, it sounded like we were the home team. Bring it again on Friday. Coach Barnes       

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Trojans Top Tigers 16-13

10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 034.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 093.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 126.JPG
10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 129.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 130.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 137.JPG
10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 143.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 150.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 164 (2).JPG
10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 164.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 165.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 167.JPG
10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 171.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 179.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 185.JPG
10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 186.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 188.JPG 10-01-10-FB-Nancy_Miller 196.JPG
10-1-10FBpano.jpg 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 012.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 029.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 030.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 031.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 033.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 034.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 035.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 036.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 037.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 038.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 039.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 040.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 041.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 045.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 046.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 049.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 053.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 059.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 067.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 068.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 069.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 076.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 080.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 081.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 085.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 088.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 112.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 137.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 138.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 139.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 140.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 142.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 143.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 144.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 156.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 201.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 209.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 210.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 239.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 262.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 266.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 268.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 285.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 294.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 312.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 316.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 318.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 324.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 325.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 326.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 349.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 377.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 380.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 385.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 386.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 390.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 396.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 397.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 398.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 426.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 440.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 441.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 474.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 476.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 483.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 504.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 506.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 584.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 588.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 590.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 591.JPG
10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 593.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 595.JPG 10-1-10FBvsTigers-Nancy_Miller 597.JPG
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