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Chelan running back Cole Schwartz, No. 32, set the pace for the Chelan Goats early in the game Friday evening when he recovered a Vashon Pirate fumble and broke free for an 88 yard run to score Chelan's first touchdown in the 37-7 romp over Vashon.


Chelan romps to a 35-7 win over Vashon

By Richard Uhlhorn


From the opening kickoff to the final bell, Chelan controlled its opening football game against the Vashon Pirates and emerged with a resounding 35-7 victory.
Chelan’s Goats took advantage of nine Vashon turnovers in this game, scoring its first touchdown on a Cole Schwartz fumble recovery and 88 yard run to the end zone. That TD came with 9:25 remaining to play in the first quarter.
Robin Weathersby took the ball in from the 15 yard line for Chelan’s second touchdown. Jose Ramirez kicked both point after attempts.
Chelan then surprised the Vashon team with an on-side kick that Matt Peterson recovered, giving Chelan another chance to score. It was Vashon who finally put the ball  across the end zone with 1:55 remaining in the first quarter of play.  Vashon had to feel better about the game at that point, but Chelan was on a roll.

With 8:20 remaining in the second quarter of play, Matt Peterson broke out and scored on a 55 yard run to take Chelan out front 20-7. The after point kick failed.
Aaron McQuaid gathered up a loose ball that quarterback Michael Amsel Jr. knocked loose that set Chelan up for another touchdown which came several minutes later on an 11 yard run to the end zone. Chelan converted for two points when Matt Peterson hit Robin Weathersby in the end zone to take the score out to 28-7 at the end of the first half.
In the third quarter, the two teams battled it out without scoring, but Aaron McQuaid intercepted a pass on the 21 yard line as Vashon tried desperately to get back into the game by throwing the long ball. Towards the end of the third quarter, Aaron McQuaid pulled in a pass for another Chelan touchdown, but it was called back because of an illegal block by a Chelan blocker.

In the fourth quarter of play, Robin Weathersby ran back an intercepted pass 46 yards to help set up Aaron McQuaid’s 25 yard touchdown pass with 5:39 remaining in the game.

With the score sitting at 35-7, Vashon was desperate enough to try one last hail Mary pass into the end zone to score, but it was intercepted by Zach Burchett with 3.2 second remaining to play.

The rubber hits the road on Friday when Chelan travels to Connell to take on the defending state champions on their own turf. Chelan comes into this game after placing third in the state last year so it should be a good game.

Statistics: a quick look
                Robin Weathersby – 36 yards rushing; 11 yards receiving
                Michael Amsel Jr. – 44 yards rushing; 9 for 21 passing for 101 yards

                Matt Peterson – 86 yards rushing; 8 yards receiving
                Cole Schwartz – 42 yards rushing
                Aaron McQuaid -78 yards receiving
                Cole Schwartz – 11 tackles
                Matt Peterson – 5 tackles
                Michael Amsel Jr., Jose Aparicio, and Michael Lahaye  - 4 tackles each
                Aaron McQuaid  - 3 tackles

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Game Photos / Enlargements by Richard Uhlhorn

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