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Lady Goats win South Whidbey Tournament
Editorís note: Everyone supporting Chelanís Lady Goat Volleyball program knows that this yearís group of young ladies are special. Winning the prestigious South Whidbey Tournament is a huge confidence builder because the team is able to play up against some very strong western Washington teams up to the 4A Classification. Below is Coach Donene Hendrickís report on the this yearís trip to the tournament. Richard Uhlhorn


Phtoos later.


Hi There,

Well we made it back from a great South Whidbey tournament and I am excited to announce that we won the tournament! I am so proud of this group of young ladies.  They played very consistently the entire day and were extremely fun to watch.

We opened pool play with Shoreline Christian and won 25-9, 25-8.  We then defeated Lynwood 25-22, 25-15.  Next we defeated  Cascade Christian 25-14, 25-8.  Out of the 16 teams competing we came out of pool play as the top seed. From there the top four were bracketed together and we played Nooksack Valley in a semi final match.  We won that match 25-9, 25-10. In the championship match we defeated Meadowdale 25-21, 25-23.


Highlights: Combined for the day

Jaicee Harris: 40 kills, 7 blocks, 17 digs, 32/35 serving with 5 aces

Darcy Austin; 24 kills, 48/51 serving with 6 aces, 14 digs

Olivia Plew: 9 kills, 56 assists, 32/35 serving with 5 aces, 9 digs

Abby Phelps: 12 kills, 45 assists, 1 block,  28/30 serving with 1 ace, 9 digs

Courtney Dietrich: 11 kills, 7 blocks,

Mandy Robison; 8 kills, 2 blocks

Cari Williams: 10 kills, 2 blocks

Maghara DePaoli: 21 digs, 12/ 14 serving

Bree Burton: 7 digs, 26/28 serving with 2 aces


On Tuesday our J.V. and C-squad will host a non league match against Ephrata.  Play will start at 5:30.    On Thursday evening we will host Omak for another league contest. J.V  will start at 5:00pm with the varsity following at 6:30. 

I am also proud to say that our C-squad went 3-1 in their tournament this Saturday at Ephrata. 


Thanks for the coverage, Go Goats!



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IMG_0855VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg IMG_0921VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg
IMG_0947VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg IMG_0951VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg
IMG_0959VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg IMG_0984VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg
IMG_1009VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg IMG_1014VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg
IMG_1022VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg IMG_1035VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg
IMG_1069VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg IMG_1091VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg
IMG_1115VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg IMG_1134VVB@SouthWhidbey.jpg

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