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Chelan Goats with 5th Place Trophy on Saturday, March 5, 2011


Chelan takes fifth place at State

By Richard Uhlhorn


The Chelan Goats basketball season ended with a fifth place finish at the WIAA 1A State Basketball Tournament in Yakima. The Goats lost their bid to take home third place to the Granger Spartans 58-49.


Chelan jumped out to a six point lead in the first quarter and the Spartans came back in the remaining quarters to chip away at that lead, outscoring Chelan. The third quarter was pivotal in the outcome of the game when Granger outscored Chelan 10-2 and then went on wrap the game up in the fourth quarter with a 21-16 effort that Chelan was unable to overcome.


Michael Amsel Jr. and Evan Reister both fouled out in the fourth quarter. Amsel, Aaron McQuaid and Tyler James were all in double scoring figures with 11, 16 and 13 respectively.


It was a great season and the Goats gave their fans plenty to cheer about. Aaron McQuaid, Evan Reister, Anibal Padilla and Bronson Louie are the only players graduating this year, so Coach Harris should have no trouble reloading next year. Coming back are Amsel, James, Robinson, Eric Oscarson and others that will develop into another powerhouse team.


GoLakeChelan offers its sincerest congratulations to the Chelan Goats and its coaching staff for a fine job all season long.


Granger          14     13     10     21   -   58

Chelan             20     11       2    16   -   49


Player Statistics: Bronson Louie 3 pts, 1 RB, 1 Ast.; Michael Amsel Jr. 11 pts., 7 Rb., 1 Ast., 7 TO, 4 St. fouled out; Matt Robinson 4 pts., 1 RB, 2 Ast., 6 TO, 2 St.; Evan Reister 2 pts., 6 RB, 1 Ast, 1 St., fouled out; Aaron McQuaid 16 pts., 8 RB, 6 TO, 2 BS; Tyler James 13 pts., 4 RB.




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Photos by Tracy & Linda Williams

GrangerState-7783.jpg GrangerState-7813.jpg
GrangerState-7829.jpg GrangerState-7835.jpg
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GrangerState-7867.jpg GrangerState-7874.jpg
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StateCheer-7247.jpg StateCheer-7254.jpg
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StateCheer-7290.jpg StateCheer-7570.jpg
StateCheer-7594.jpg StateCheer-7613.jpg
StateCheer-7650.jpg StateCheer-7652.jpg
StateCheer-7973.jpg StateCheer-7974.jpg
StateCheer-8005.jpg StateCheer-8017.jpg
StateVashon-7113.jpg StateVashon-7129.jpg
StateVashon-7157.jpg StateVashon-7175.jpg
StateVashon-7236.jpg StateVashon-7345.jpg
StateVashon-7357.jpg StateVashon-7382.jpg
StateVashon-7395.jpg StateVashon-7396.jpg
StateVashon-7399.jpg StateVashon-7441.jpg
StateVashon-7449.jpg StateZillah-7475.jpg
StateZillah-7498.jpg StateZillah-7555.jpg
StateZillah-7563.jpg StateZillah-7573.jpg
StateZillah-7666.jpg StateZillah-7668.jpg
StateZillah-7692.jpg StateZillah-7695.jpg

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