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Cole Schwartz tries to turn Omak’s Dylan Green for a pin as the referee checks to make sure Green’s arm wasn’t being stressed beyond its limits. Green refused to turn and Schwartz won a 1-0 decision to win the State Title.

Cole Schwartz is Chelan’s newest State Champion

Villasenor 6th, Cortez 7th, Lopez 8th at Mat Classic

By Richard Uhlhorn


For Coach Jay McGuffin, this year’s Mat Classic was a success. “Anytime you come away with a state champion, you’ve got be happy,” said McGuffin after junior Cole Schwartz added his name to the school’s champions.


McGuffin has been coaching the varsity wrestling program for five years and said, “I’ll never forget my first champion.” Schwartz was very happy to come away with the title, but it wasn’t easy. In the final match against Omak’s Dylan Green the only point scored was an escape by Schwartz in the second round. Both wrestlers worked hard to gain advantage over each other, but neither was willing to give up any points. At one point in the match, Schwartz tried to score back points by turning Green.


Schwartz had already wrestled and beaten Green three times this season and he went into the final with a great deal of confidence after beating Nooksack Valley’s Nick Torres, the No. 1 ranked wrestler in the state, by a 6-3 decision.


Torres placed second in the 171 pound class last year and jumped up to 189 pounds to escape the overcrowded 171 class. As difficult as it was for both wrestlers, it appeared that Torres just didn’t have the strength to battle Schwartz.


“I remember Cole when I had him in the seventh grade,” said McGuffin who teaches middle school. “He was this chubby little guy that just loved wrestling.”


“He came into this tournament with strength, confidence in his abilities and he deserved the win,” said McGuffin.


Cole Schwartz cheers his win over Dylan Green for the state championship in Tacoma this past weekend.


Jorge Villasenor (152 lbs.) ended up with a sixth place finish at Mat Classic winning his first match on Friday, but losing his second match to Nolen Bare of Goldendale in a close 7-6 decision. This dropped Villasenor to battle it out for third place where he won his next two matches 10-4 and 12-2 before losing to Hoquiam’s Rick Rowell in another close decision 11-9. This dropped him to battle it out for fifth and sixth where he lost a 4-0 decision against Nolin Bare again and had to settle for 6th place.


Billie Poppie also entered Mat Classic in the 152 pound classification but lost his first match to Dillon Jimmie of Nooksack in a 6-0 decision. Poppie then won a match against Cody Johns of Nooksack Valley in a 7-4 decision, but was knocked out of contention by Andrew Ledesma of Stevenson in a tight 3-1 decision. Poppie will have a chance to come back next with some solid Mat Classic experience behind him.


At 215 pounds, Alex Cortez had high hopes for his chances at Mat Classic only to have them dashed by Zillah’s senior Nathaniel Deardorff who handed Cortez a fall in 1:48 of that match. Cortez won his next match against Ridgefield’s John White in a tight 3-2 decision, but lost to a Meridian senior Corey Compton in another fall in 4:59 of their match. Alex came back and defeated Kiona Benton’s Cody Zph 7-1 for seventh place. “I wasn’t happy at all,” said Cortez. Coach McGuffin told him that he was at Mat Classic and was up against the best of the best in the state. Cortez, who is only a sophomore this year should come back strong next year.


Arnie Lopez finished in 8th place in the 189 pound classification. Lopez had to face the No. 1 ranked Nick Torres in his first match and lost by fall in 1:28. This dropped Lopez to the loser bracket where he won his next two matches beating Connell’s Greg Heinen in a fall and beating Juan Valencia of Ridgefield in a 10-5 decision before losing again to Brennon Ossman of Cascade Christian 8-1. Arnie then lost to Robert Easton of Vashon, taking eighth place.


At 112 pounds, freshman Matt Barnes entered Mat Classic with high hopes, but had them dashed quickly by Tyson Dick of Elma who had a technical fall over Barnes 16-0. Barnes then lost by fall to Ryan Wood out of Montesano.


For McGuffin it was a great two day event. “Taking six to the tournament was really good, but taking home a State Champion. I’ll never forget that,” said McGuffin.


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