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Heavyweight Jose Aparicio, a junior, took on his tough opponent from Ephrata on Tuesday night in Chelan and traded points until late in the third round when he was able to pin his Ephrata opponent which helped Chelan to defeat the 2A school wrestlers 34-29. File Photo by Richard Uhlhorn


Chelan wrestlers come up winners against 2A Ephrata

By Richard Uhlhorn


Chelan’s wrestling team hosted 2A Ephrata in non-league action on Tuesday evening, January 24, Coach Jay McGuffin said he was not familiar with Ephrata before the match. “I didn’t know how they matched up with us, but they matched up with us really well.”


The effort to win team honors came down to last few matches of the evening. “What a team effort,” said McGuffin. “We ended up winning the match 34-29, but it was tough with both of our teams trading points.”


McGuffin said the team accomplished some of this year’s best wrestling against Ephrata. “It was even better than our match against Cashmere.”


“We were pushing the pace last night… looking to be offensive right down to the final buzzer.” He said that Cole Schwartz (189 lbs.), Billie Poppie (152 lbs.) and Matt Barnes (112 lbs.) were still pushing it offensively in the final 20 seconds even though they were leading. “They were asking themselves what more they could do instead of just hanging on until the buzzer.”


McGuffin was really pleased with his sophomore, Alex Cortez (215 lbs.). “Alex went up against a senior who is ranked 4th in State. “He was a beast and it came down to the last seconds on the clock. Alex got an escape and beat this kid by one point. Their coach couldn’t believe that Alex was only a dumb sophomore.”


According to McGuffin the defeated 215 pounder from Ephrata never got into his warm-ups after the match, but shadow wrestled behind his team’s bench and kept staring at Alex like he wanted another chance at him. “It was pretty crazy,” quipped McGuffin.


He feels the team is getting the wrestling skills down, but needs to focus more on procedural technicalities. “We need to start focusing on those little things where you get docked points, like cautions,” said McGuffin. “The last thing you want to do is lose points on a procedural call at State.”


Chelan wrestlers who are ranked:
1st - Cole Schwartz (189 lbs.) Cole, a junior, is slated to be a top contender for a State Championship this year.

4th – Billie Poppie (152 lbs.) Billie, a junior, continues to wrestle hard and should be a State contender.

7th – Alex Cortez (215 lbs.). Alex, a sophomore, is showing a lot of tenacity on the mat.

8th – Jose Aparicio (285 lbs.) Jose wrestles the big guys with an eye to winning at all costs.

10th – Alby Paz, (171 lbs.) Alby, a junior, is coming off an injury that kept him out of wrestling for a year.

12th – Asa Schwartz (215 lbs.) Asa is only a freshman, but has shown a toughness necessary to be ranked.


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