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Fullback Cole Schwartz (32) plows over teammates and opponents on his way to a large gain in Saturday’s crossover game against Riverside. Schwartz rushed for 124 yards in this game.





Goats seal playoff spot in cross-over game

Defeat Riverside Rams 47-10 in a run-away game

By Richard Uhlhorn


It was “Shock and Awe” for the Riverside Rams and their fans during the first quarter of play in Chelan’s cross-over game Saturday, November 6, at Sargent Field.


Under hazy skies, the Chelan Goats kicked chose to kick-off instead of receive, but it didn’t take them long to stop the Rams in their tracks. After forcing Riverside to punt, Chelan immediately went on the offensive and Matt Peterson scored the Goats first touchdown on a 9-yard run into the end zone. A 2-point conversion attempt failed.


On Riverside’s next possession, Chelan held them to no yardage and once again used its quickness to get on the scoreboard. This time it was a sweet 10-yard pass play from Michael Amsel Jr. to Aaron McQuaid. With 9:35 remaining to play.


It didn’t get any better for Riverside on their next possession either. Cole Schwartz recovered a fumble to set-up Chelan’s next offensive drive that included a pass to Aaron McQuaid and a nice 31-yard pass play to Matt Peterson for Chelan’s third TD of the game. This time, McQuaid completes a two point conversion to bring the score to 20-0.


Chelan’s defense was tough on Riverside and with 6:03 remaining to play in this long, long first quarter, defensive lineman Jose Aparicio picked up another fumble and ran it 13-yards into the end zone to take the score out to 26-0. The two point conversion attempt failed once again.


Riverside finally got some offense going and took the ball all the way to the 5-yard line, but failed to put it across the end zone against Chelan’s strong defensive stand.


The game didn’t get any better for Riverside in the second quarter of play. Amsel intercepted a Ram pass and Cole Schwartz ran it to just short of the goal line and then on the next play, scored on a short 1-yard run up the middle. Two minutes later, Schwartz ran the ball in again from the 2-yard line after Billie Poppie recovered one more Riverside fumble at the Goats 7-yard line.


On Riverside’s very next possession, the Goats recovered one more fumble on the 16-yard line and then moved it up field to where Amsel was able to score with 2:51 remaining in the first half on a 18-yard run into the end zone. The after point attempt failed, but the score was 47-0 at the end of the half.


Because of the lopsided score, the two coaches reached a decision to enact the 45-point rule and let the clock run in the second half. This served two purposes. It gave Chelan an opportunity to put in its second team and Riverside the potential embarrassment of having the score run up higher.


The third quarter was a wash for both teams with no touchdowns scored. Riverside was able to move the ball against Chelan in the fourth quarter of play and score a field goal and a touchdown to save some face. The game ended 24 minutes later with Chelan 47 and Riverside 10.


At the end of the game, Chelan was presented with the Caribou Trail League Championship Trophy and the realization that they were on their way to the state playoff round for the third year in a row.


In the locker room Coach Darren Talley told the team how proud he was of them. “The whole town is counting on you guys,” he said. This is the first time since 1967 that Chelan has won the Caribou Trail League title and the first time Chelan has entered the playoff picture three years in a row. “No Chelan team has ever won ten games in a season,” said Talley. “You can only be matched. No one can do better than that.”



Defensive linebacker Matt Pittsinger (60) has been relentless on defense all year long.


Quick Stats:

Robin Weathersby – 36 yards rushing; 12 yards pass receive

Michael Amsel Jr. – 83 yards rushing; 4/7 for 61 yards passing including two touchdowns

Matt Peterson – 61 yards rushing; 31 yards pass receive including a touchdown

Cole Schwartz – 124 yards rushing including two touchdowns

Bobby Anderson – 12 yards rushing

Aaron McQuaid – 18 yards pass receive including one touchdown.



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