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Chelan quarterback Michael Amsel Jr. had 80 yards of rushing and threw for 106 yards in the game against Goldendale and scored the go ahead touchdown in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter to hand Chelan a victory.


Chelan Goats win epic battle against Goldendale
Face Connell in Moses Lake next Saturday

By Richard Uhlhorn


Saturday’s playoff game against the Goldendale Timberwolves was an epic battle between two worthy opponents. The outcome came down to the last two minutes of play when Chelan’s Matt Pittsinger picked off a pass on Chelan’s 18 yard line that set-up a sweeping run into the end zone by Michael Amsel Jr. to score the go ahead touchdown with 1:59 remaining to play.


When good teams collide, 1:59 provides plenty of time to come back and win a game. The Timberwolves went right back to work and moved the ball downfield and were threatening to score once again when Goldendale’s quarterback, Tyrell Cronin put the ball into the air and Aaron McQuaid intercepted it at about the 4 yard line.


Matt Pittsinger intercepted a pass and set up Chelan's final TD.


From that point on, Chelan ran the clock down on a great game of football and came away with a 24-17 victory.


In the locker room after the game, each coach had an opportunity to talk to the team. Assistant coach Jerry Lopez said, “I’m glad you had that kind of game. You did a great job.” He was followed by assistant coach Ken Barnes who called the game a great battle. “I’m extremely proud of you guys.”


Assistant coach Steve Stamps asked the team if they were satisfied with the game they played. The team replied that they weren’t satisfied. Stamps then told them they “won this day.” That they found a way to win the game despite the fact that Goldendale outplayed them. “Great teams figure out a way to win,” said Stamps.


Coach Darren Talley told them that this was playoff ball. “It is hard ball,” he said, and then added, “We know Connell… it is a perfect match-up for us.” Talley then thanked the younger players who don’t see much action for coming out to practice and helping the varsity get ready.


It was all hard hitting defense by both teams in the first quarter until Robin Weathersby, in for Matt Petersen, ran a punt back 35 yards to set up Chelan’s first touchdown by Cole Schwartz who broke out for a 32 yard run into the end zone.


Goldendale answered that touchdown with 32 yard field goal to make the score 6-3. The Timberwolves turned right back around and intercepted an Amsel pass, but had to give the ball up after Chelan’s defense held them solid at the line of scrimmage.


The Goats offense went to work on a nice drive that culminated in a 21 yard touchdown pass from Amsel to Robin Weathersby to give Chelan a 12-3 cushion. McQuaid added 2 more points on a conversion and Goldendale found themselves down 14-3.


Both teams struggled to break open each others defense and with 3 minutes to go in the half, the Timberwolves intercepted another Amsel pass and on the next play from the line, scored on a 29 yard pass to J.D. Moss. The point after kick was good and Goldendale was knocking at Chelan’s door again with the score at the break; Chelan 14 – Goldendale 10.


The third quarter produced a tremendous defensive effort by Chelan when Goldendale intercepted a pass and on the next play completed a pass to the 1 yard line, but Chelan held them and then the Timberwolves had a penalty that moved the ball back to the 20 yard line where Chelan sacked the quarterback at the 25 yard line. Chelan took over the ball at the 30 yard line but couldn’t do anything with it.


Robin Weathersby pulls in a touchdown pass.


With 9:32 remaining in the game, a fumbled ball that Chelan recovered in the end zone was called as a downed ball and Ross was able to run the ball in from the 1 yard line giving Goldendale’s fans something to cheer about. Goldendale found themselves in the lead for the first time in the game 17-14.


As the clock ticked every so quickly to the final buzzer, Chelan never gave up and with only 4:40 remaining to play, Chelan got a safety when the Goldendale kicker’s knee touched the ground in the end zone. Chelan was still behind, but only by one point 16-17. We got the ball and moved it downfield, but the Timberwolves held us at the 1 yard line and they ended up taking the ball over with 2:18 remaining to play.


One will always wonder why Cronin threw a pass with only 2:13 remaining. This is the pass that Pittsinger took out of the air, setting up Amsel’s touchdown that put Chelan in the lead for good.


The game ended with Chelan up 24-17.


This coming Saturday, November 20, the Goats will face off with the only team to beat them this year… the Connell Eagles. If all the players can get healthy, Connell should find them in the toughest game of their 2010 season.


Quick view statistics:

Robin Weathersby – 21 yards receiving; 35 yards on a punt return

Michael Amsel Jr. – 80 yards rushing; 7 for 24 passing for 106 yards; and 160 yards punting.

Matt Petersen – 6 yards rushing; 76 yards pass receive.

Cole Schwartz – 73 yards rushing; 4 yards receiving; and 18 yards in kick off returns.

Aaron McQuaid – 9 yards receiving and one huge interception with 1:15 remaining to play

Jose Ramirez – 167 yards kicking off (60 yards longest).

Alex Cortze – 13 yards kickoff return.

A big Thank You to Richard Uhlhorn for this library of photos .


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