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Cole Schwartz broke through Omakís defenses and won the game for Chelan with a 1-yard dash over the end zone that handed the Goats a 15-12 victory after Jose Ramirezís successful  point after kick.

Photo by Tracy Williams


Goats win defensive battle over Omak
Submitted by Goat reporter Russ Gatzemeier


(Editorís note: While I did not travel to Omak for this game, I have been told by numerous people who did go that it was one of the hardest hitting high school football games they have ever watched. A note about Cashmere: They are coming to Chelan this coming Friday night with revenge in their hearts. They didnít like being knocked out of the play-offs last season. So come on out and enjoy what should be one of the best football games of the season. Letís all hope that Chelan is healthy. )


Last year the Chelan Mountain Goats went up to Omak and were left with short end of the stick on a critical Goal Line Stance. This year, they broke through, into the end zone for a much needed 15-12 victory.


Coach Talley predicted a wild dogfight between two tough teams and this game was all of that and more.  Just one week after racking up 77 points against Okanogan, the Pioneers were able to hold them to only 15. 


"The defense, led by Matt Pittsinger, played their best game of the season", said Coach Darren Talley.   At halftime, the Chelan team had a slim 8-5 lead.  At the end of the Third quarter, the Goats were behind 8 -12 and that's when the critical goal line offense showed their valor.


Cole Schwartz scored on a one yard plunge that pushed the Goats two points ahead.  Jose Ramirez made the point after kick for the final score of the night.


Other outstanding players for the Mountain Goats Friday night were Mike Lahaye, Jose Aparicio, Alex Cortez, Michael Amsel, Jr. and Tyler Hood. Robin Weathersby returned to action after sitting out two games with a knee injury.


This week the Goats are in action against the Cashmere Bulldogs at Sargent Field. This regular season game should be a great one, since both teams are ranked high in the Class A polls.  This contest is being played for the "Bronze Shoe". Chelan was able to upset the Bulldogs last season to advance deep into the state playoffs.


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