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Michael Amsel Jr. crosses the goal line after running a late third quarter kickoff 74 yards to put Chelan up 35-21 against a tough Cashmere Bulldog football team.


Chelan emerges as No. 1 in Caribou Trail League football
Goats bring home Bronze Shoe in 42-35 victory over Cashmere

By Richard Uhlhorn


It was 11 long years in the making, but the Chelan Goats recaptured the bronze shoe from Cashmere last Friday night, October 15, in a hard fought 42-35 victory.


Cashmere gave its fans a lot to cheer about when Casey Ruther returned the opening kickoff 95 yards to put the first touchdown on the scoreboard. “I just smiled at the kids and asked, ‘Why do you have to make it harder than it needs to be,’ “ said Coach Darren Talley.


It didn’t take long for Chelan to answer. After running three plays and getting no where, the punt snap to Michael Amsel Jr. was fumbled, leaving Amsel with no choice but to run the ball back as far as he could. He scampered up field, cut across the field and down to the 18 yard line, giving Chelan a first down. Running back Cole Schwartz took the ball in to tie the game at 7 (Ramirez kick was good).


Coach Talley lauded the Chelan defense. “I thought it was one of the best defensive efforts we have had this year,” he said. “I have to hand it to Coach Snyder and the defensive squad.”


Chelan’s defense was stellar throughout the game. Cole Schwartz, Matt Pittsinger, Amsel, Matt Peterson and others did an admirable job holding Cashmere while the offense did its job getting an early lead which allowed them to hang on at the end of the game when Cashmere went to the air successfully and got within one touchdown of tying the game up. Time ran out, however, and Chelan prevailed, and proved that they are a team to be reckoned with.


With senior Aaron McQuaid out sick, junior wide receiver, Matt Robinson, intercepted a Cashmere pass and scored twice; once in the first quarter with 4:14 remaining on a beautifully thrown 27 yard pass by Amsel. Robinson’s second touchdown came in the fourth quarter on a 22-yard pass play.


Once again, Amsel was on fire. He scored twice; once on a 74 yard run in the third and then again on a 74 yard kickoff return. Amsel rushed for 233 yards and added 148 yards of passing to lead the Goats to this sweet victory,


Robin Weathersby also scored on a short 11-yard pass from Amsel.


This game was made even sweeter by the fact that it was the second time in a row that Chelan defeated Cashmere at football in the last 11years. Chelan knocked Cashmere out of the playoffs last year and the Bulldogs were on the war path last Friday. However, Chelan has rebuilt its football program into a formidable group of dedicated young players and an outstanding coaching staff.


Chelan has two league games remaining before the league enters the playoff picture. The Goats travel to Tonasket on Friday, October 22 and then to Cascade on Friday, October 29, to finish off regular season play.

Coach Tally believes that Cashmere will enter the playoffs on the other side of the bracket from Chelan and will probably face Connell. If Chelan continues its winning ways, they could end up playing Colville who are undefeated at this time also. “They came down to 1A from the 2A ranks last year,” said Talley.





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Full Game Video Below
Courtesy of Lisa Talley

Video Highlights From Game Video Captured by Lisa Talley

Video Assembled  by Jerry Isenhart Jr



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