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Michael Amsel Jr. was a very busy quarterback last Friday night against the Okanogan Bulldogs. He scored three touchdowns on 474 yards of rushing and 101 yards gained on kickoff returns and a fumble recovery. He also completed 6 of 12 passes for 210 yards. Photo by Richard Uhlhorn

Goats enjoy homecoming with 77-49 win over Okanogan
High scoring wild game enjoyed by large crowds
by Richard Uhlhorn

A monstrous crowd showed up for Chelan’s Homecoming game against the Okanogan Bulldogs. Few if any of them expected the scoring spectacle that both Chelan and Okanogan put on. It was quite a show… a show that Chelan capped off with its largest scoring game anyone can remember, defeating a very good Okanogan Bulldog team 77-49.

It wasn’t until the end of the first half that the crowd realized that this game could go either way. Chelan opened the game with a nice drive downfield that culminated in the end zone on a nice run by Matt Peterson. Chelan capped that drive off with a 2-point conversion to go ahead 8-0 with 8:51 remaining to play in the first quarter.

The Chelan defense was relentless in holding Okanogan’s rushing game and with 2:44 remaining to play, Okanogan’s quarterback Ryan Price was sacked by Chelan resulting in a loose ball that got kicked downfield to the 14 yard line with Chelan in control again. With 10:52 remaining in the second quarter, Cole Schwartz scrambled across the goal line for Chelan’s second touchdown. Then Aaron McQuaid pulled down a beautiful 69 yard pass from Michael Amsel Jr. to put Chelan up 22-0

Okanogan finally got on the board with 7:40 remaining to play in the first half and then the fun began.

Congratulations to Senior Sarah Waszkewitz... this year's
homecoming queen.



Amsel pulled down the kickoff and scampered downfield for an 86 yard kickoff return. This put Chelan out front 29-7 after the point after kick.

Turnabout is fair play and on the very next kickoff, Okanogan’s MartyStaggs ran the ball back 91 long yards for the Bulldogs second TD of the game. With 1:57 remaining in the first half, Chelan answered the kickoff  return with a 34 yard pass from Amsel for a touchdown.

With Chelan seemingly in control and the score 35-14, the Bulldogs exploded with two touchdowns; one on a one yard run by quarterback Ryan Price with :33 seconds remaining in the first half. Then Okanogan knocked on the door with only 8 seconds remaining and scored on a one yard pass from Price to Bristol.

All of a sudden, Chelan was only leading by seven points at the end of the first half. With the score 35-28 after holding a 22-0 lead, what does a coach tell his team in the locker room. Coach Darren Talley said he told his team what he always tells them. “Guys, you need to learn how to finish. In the heat of a battle you either rise up or you wilt.”

“I was more proud of the way they played in the second half,” said Coach Talley. And play they did. The teams entered the third quarter with a slim lead to Chelan. Everyone  on the sidelines was wondering who was going to emerge as the stronger team. Chelan did and did in a big way. In the opening minute Amsel picked up a fumbled ball and ran it in 55 yards for a TD. Three and a half minutes later, Cole Schwartz scored on a one yard run and then again on a five yard run two minutes later. Okanogan finally scored with 2:50 remaining in the third on a nice 19 yard pass from Price to Joe Townsend.

Chelan pounded the nails into the coffin three more times in the fourth quarter with Matt Peterson scoring twice; one early in the fourth on a two yard run and then with 6:09 remaining on a 21 yard run. Amsel, who had a huge game, rushed for 119 yards, scored on 23 yard run. The Bulldogs scored another touchdown on a 25 yard Price pass to Jerid Peterson.

Cole Schwartz had 117 yards of rushing followed by Matt Peterson with 63 yards of rushing. Aaron McQuaid added to the night’s excitement with 132 yards of receiving.

While  the win was huge for Chelan, Talley said he wouldn’t be surprised to see Okanogan in the mix for this year’s playoffs. Chelan held Conner Tupling to only 29 yards rushing and Okanogan’s total rushing to 54 yards, but Bulldog quarterback Ryan Price had a huge game, connecting on 27 of his 48 passing attempts for a total of 342 yards.

Chelan’s defense was relentless in its pursuit of the ball which had a lot to do with the team’s success Friday evening.

Chelan travels to Omak next Friday evening to play the Pioneers.


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