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Chelan quarterback Evan Reister connected with wide receiver Aaron McQuaid during Friday night's jamboree held in Chelan. Schools from around the Caribou Trail League were on hand to open the fall football season.


Chelan Goats look sharp in jamboree

by Richard Uhlhorn


Football season is here and many, many fans showed up in Chelan on Friday evening to watch their favorite team work out kinks in the annual Jamboree.


Just watching the teams on the field during their 10-minute stints at defense and offense says that the 2009 football season in the Caribou Trail League is going to be tough.


Both Cashmere and Tonasket look to be the teams that will give Chelan a big run for their money this year, but Chelan looked as sharp as any team out there.


Chelan enters the season with 40 players that includes some talented athletes who have not only grown, but have gained maturity over the summer. The Chelan line is big and will be a major factor in stopping opposing offenses from running up the middle and will also be there to protect the quarterback and backfield on the offense.


This year's starting quarterback will be Evan Reister who showed his accuracy with the pass. On the receiving end of those passes is the tall and athletic Aaron McQuaid who proved that he has a great pair of hands and tremendous focus.


Matt Pittsinger proved once again that he is relentless on defense and running the ball on offense. Doug and crew on the line were very effective in stopping runs from getting through on defense and for protecting the backfield.


It is going to be a great year of football for the Caribou Trail League.


Next week, Chelan will travel to Port Townsend for its annual cross state opener.

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