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Chelan sophomore Billy Poppie (145 lbs.) came out strong against Omak's junior Brenden Aguilar, pinning him in the first round.

Poppie, who is new to the Chelan Wrestling Team is a bright spot for its future.


Chelan falls to Omak wrestlers

by Richard Uhlhorn


"They beat uson the mat," said Coach Jay McGuffin. "We weren't winning the scrambles." And so it went for the Chelan Wrestling Team on Saturday night, January 23, as Omak came to town and defeated the team 53-16. (41-16 not counting forfeits).


Perhaps the most exciting match of the evening was between senior Hank Burton (135 lbs.) and Omak senior Jeff Condon. The two have met on the mat before with Burton coming out on top, but Saturday's match was a tough one for Burton who found himself down 8-2 at the end of the first round. It looked as though Burton was going to suffer a huge loss when he ended up down 14-9 at the end of the second round, but in the third, he came back to tie the match at 14-all before losing 16-14 when Condon got a reversal.


Sophomore Billy Poppie (145 lbs.) and Erick Garcia (103 lbs.) both had pins. Garcia, a freshman has been very good this year and he dominated his opponent, Omak Greg Sklar with a takedown, several near falls and a reversal to put him up 12-0 before pinning Sklar in the second round of his match.


Poppie suffered a takedown to Omak sophomore Connor Howe (152 lbs.), but quickly turned the mat time into a reversal and near fall situation that ended with Howe being pinned in the first round. "He's been a great addition to our team," said McGuffin. "He does the little bit extra and wants to be successful, and he is only a sophomore." Poppie moved to Chelan from the west side where his Mother said he began wrestling when he was nine years old in a youth program.


At 215 pounds, Jorge Villasenor lost a very close 4-5 decision to Kyle Trudeaux. With 30 seconds left in the match and Coach McGuffin yelling, "Ya gotta go... ya gotta go Jorge," Villasenor was only able to score one point on an escape.


At 285 pounds, freshman Luis Garcia did not have a good match against Omak junior Brad Ives who won a 13-4 decision.


Itzel Valera (112 lbs.) had no luck against Austin Covington and was pinned with 22 seconds remaining in the second round. Itzel, a junior, is one of two girls on the Chelan team and will be trying to qualify for the Girls 1A State Championship in February. "She works just as hard as the guys," said McGuffin.


Luis Rodriquez (119 lbs.) suffered a pin by Michael Goble in the third round.


Aldeberth Guillen (125 lbs.) had a great match against Michael Huckins, defeating him handily by a major decision, 14-1.


Zoren Sandum had no luck against Deshawn Dunham and was pinned in the third round.


Leo Sanchez (140 lbs.) trailed by only two points after the first round, but fell to a 9-2 decision from Sammy Trudeaux.


Eric Jiminez (145 lbs.) lost a 14-1 decision to Brenden Aguilar.


"We are not where we have been," said McGuffin who was still suffering the loss of four wrestlers to athletic code violations. "They just weren't making the right decisions out there."


Chelan's next match will be against Tonasket on Friday, January 29, in Tonasket.


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