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Senior Hank Burton (135 lbs.), right, won a close match against Cashmere's Dillon Miller at Thursday night's duo match against the Bulldogs and Kodiaks. Burton, a team captain, marked his first win in five outings against Miller and was very happy about the tough 12-11 decision.


Chelan Goat wrestlers lose one and win one

Meet Omak Saturday night in Chelan beginning at 7 p.m.



Wrestling is as much an individual sport as it is a team sport. Each wrestler faces his opponent for two purposes; one, to win his individual match and better his chances at being seeded at the district, regional and state levels, and two, to help his team win team honors.


Going into its final match against the Cashmere Bulldogs, Chelan's Sophomore Leo Pastor, a first year wrestler at 160 pounds had the monumental task of wrestling Cashmere's Roman Velazquez, a state competitor last year, to try an win the match for the Goats. It was not to be. Pastor was pinned and Chelan lost the team match to the Bulldogs 36-33.


"I hate losing to Cashmere," said Coach Jay McGuffin, who had arguably entered this duo match between Chelan, Cashmere and Cascade with his worst week as Chelan's head coach.


McGuffin lost four of his team to a variety of athletic code violations. "I'm not going to lie to you," said McGuffin. "I've had a bad week losing wrestlers to code violations." Had those four wrestlers, or even one of the more experienced wrestlers been able to go against Cashmere, the team win might have come Chelan's way.


"I can't be too disappointed," said McGuffin. "Look at Adelberth Guillen coming out and winning two matches in his first year... one of them against a state qualifier from last year."


Cashmere is always a tough squad to match up with, but Chelan did remarkably well considering the circumstances.


At 215 pounds, Mike Lahaye won his match by pin over Kyle Fenner. This match was tied 5-5 until Lahaye escaped, putting him up by one point and then he took Fenner down and pinned him for the win in the second round.


Luis Garcia (285 lbs.) was down 5-9, then 6-9, and then 6-11 on his way to a loss when his opponent made a mistake and Garcia pinned him for the win.


Jose Lopez (125 lbs.) took on Cashmere's James Stelhiemer and pinned him easily.


At 130 pounds, first year wrestler Adelberth Guillen wrestled Randall Chipman to a 3-2 decision, followed by Hank Burton (135 lbs.) who battled an old nemisis, Dillon Miller to his first victory over Miller in five outings 12-11. Burton was very happy after the match and said he was proud of the entire team and how they wrestled Cashmere.


Sophomore Billy Poppie (145 lbs.) took on Cashmere senior Cotten Sims and battled him through six minutes to a 2-0 decision.



The Cascade Kodiaks are under the coaching direction of Leroy Hankins, a past state finisher for Chelan. Leroy is now a dentist in Leavenworth and giving back to wrestling by coaching the Kodiaks.


There were a number of forfeits which helped Chelan win this match 52-27.


Michael Lahaye repeated his winning ways against Cascade's Zach Robinson for his second pin of the evening.


Erick Garcia (103 lbs.) had an exhibition match and won it by pin in the first round.


Jose Lopez (125 lbs.) also wrestled an exhibition and won by a 16-2 decision.


Hank Burton (135 lbs.) defeated Ryan Rosenau by pin in the second round of his match.


Billy Poppie (145 lbs.) won by pin over Shane Fletcher.


For Chelan it was a good night of wrestling, despite their loss to Cashmere. Coach Jay McGuffin should be very proud of the effort given by his young team that is being led by senior Hank Burton.


The Chelan wrestlers are back in the Chelan gymnasium Saturday night beginning at 7 p.m. against the always tough Omak Pioneers.

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