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The Chelan girl and boy cross-country team will be making the trip back to the State XC Meet in Pasco, Washington this coming weekend. The girls go as the District Champions in District VI and the boys as the number two team out of the District VI XC Championships.


Chelan girls win District XC Title

Both boys and girls teams to represent CTL at State

by Richard Uhlhorn


The Chelan harriers continue to excell in the world of cross-country running. Coaches Mark Anderson and Jack Rutter have built a program that over the years has made Chelan one of the top teams in the state in its classification year after year.


2009 has been no exception. The girls once again took the District Championship with strong performances by each and every girl running in varsity race. While Cashmere's Kea Paton continues to dominate the league with an individual effort, Chelan's premiere senior runner Gabby Guillen, junior Lyndsey Fox, junior Mari Schramm, senior Merya Carrian, freshman Marisa Palazzo and junior Cody Knaub are so good at running at the front of the pack that other teams are hard pressed to beat them.


As a team, Chelan's girls will go as the number one team out of the CTL followed by Cashmere and Omak.



The 2009 District VI Champions.


The boys team took second place at the District outing in Wenatchee earning a team placement to the State Tournament next weekend. They lost to Cashmere by only three points which shows just how close these two teams are to each other in the competitive sport.


Chelan boys XC team took second place at the District VI meet in Wenatchee to earn a spot as a team at the upcoming State XC meet on November 7.



Sophomore Raven Berman came in 5th followed by Cyrus and Niles Desmarais in 6th and 7th respectively. Freshman Aaron Schramm came in 13th and Jorge Maldanodo was 15th. Rounding out the  Chelan boys was Josh Burbery who runs to stay in shape for basketball and Ian Wyatt.


The State Cross Country Meet is on Saturday, November 7 in Pasco.


Girls Varsity Results for the District Championship:

Gaby Guillen-2nd Place 20:14:57

Lyndsey Fox-3rd Place 20:35:23

Mari Schramm-4th Place 20:45:76

Mireya Carrion- 8th Place 21:12:14

Marissa Palazzo-9th Place 21:17:02

Cody Knaub-10th Place 21:27:05

Solin Castro-16th Place 22:05:07


Girls line-up for the State Tournament this coming weekend:

1. Gaby Guillen

2. Lyndsey Fox

3. Mari Schramm

4. Mireya Carrion

5. Marissa Palazzao

6. Cody Knaub

7. Brianna Halloway


Solin Castro

Maddie Knaub



Boys Varsity results at District meet:

Raven Berman-5th Place 17:18:86

Cyrus Desmarais-6th Place 17:23:95

Niles Desmarais-7th Place 17:32:70

Aaron Schramm-13th Place 18:11:88

Jorge Maldonado-15th Place 18:32:34

Josh Burbery-25th Place 19:07:65

Ian Wyant-35th Place 19:58:00


Boys Line-up for State XC meet:

1. Raven Berman

2. Cyrus Desmarais

3. Niles Desmarais

4. Aaron Schramm

5. Jorge Maldonado

6. Josh Burbery

7. Francisco Sanchez


Jessie Schockley

Ian Wyant


Boys JV finishes at District meet

Francisco Sanchez-2nd Place 19:39:42

Jessie Shockley-4th Place 19:55:08

Jake Ryan-5th Place 19:58:74

Kailen Swenson-6th Place 20:17:28

Hank Burton-13th Place 21:31:54


Girls JV finishes at District meet

Brianna Halloway-1st Place 21:45:85

Maddy Knaub-2nd Place 22:15:75

Kari Anna Clausen-3rd Place 22:30:12

Michelle Echevarian-5th Place 23:00:13

Sarah Waskewitz-6th Place 23:07:90

Alicia Dolge-8th Place 24:02:22

Nallely Gonzales-9th Place 24:27:50

April Rosas-11th Place 24:56:47



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