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At 5'11" freshman Courtney Dietrich will help the Lady Goats with this year's run to the State Championship playoffs. On the Goat side, senior Matt Engstrom will once again battle it out under the basket for the Goats.


Basketball season is upon us

by Richard Uhlhorn


The annual Chelan Goat Basketball Jamboree opened the 2009/2010 basketball season. Participating teams included both the boys and girls varsity teams from Entiat and Pateros.


The Lady Goats faced off with the Entiat Lady Tigers in their first 10 minute scrimmage game of the evening which they won 18-10. The Goats brought last year's defensive pressure game to the floor and also played very aggressively on the offense. Kelli Bowers seems to have zeroed back on the three point shot. leading the Goats with 7 points in this game. Jaicee Harris had 6. Houston Robison continued her reputation of being a tough contender under the basket, pulling down several rebounds and scoring 2 points. Newcomer to the varsity squad, freshman Courtney Dietrich scored 2 points. Darcy Austin had one from the free throw line and brings the ball down court well.


In the second game against Pateros, Chelan came out with a 23-15 win. Pateros and Entiat both look strong for their respective leagues this year and Chelan should contend for a top spot in the CTL.


The Goats took on the Entiat Tigers in game one defeating them 13-6 and then beat Pateros 16-10 in the final game of the night.


Coach Joe Harris was without his full team since the football season ran late. Basketball players who played football have to turn out for five practice sessions before being allowed to play in a game. "They will be ready by next Tuesday," said Harris. The team hosts the Ephrata Tigers in non-league action after the Lady Goats 6 p.m. game against Ephrata.


The Chelan Goats should offer up one of the most exciting basketball seasons since the 1999 State Championship run with Phil Cullen. This year's team should be as good if not better than that team was.


Joey Harris will be out front again bring the ball down and guiding the action. Matt Engstrom will be roughing it under the basket, and if the jamboree is any indication, he will have a major impact on Chelan's game again. Josh Burbery, Brooks Gatzemeier, Alex Brown and a host of juniors and sophomores will help.


Add into the mix Aaron McQuaid who has grown several inches since last year and proved he has great hands on the football field, Evan Reister, whom Harris said won't be able to practice for several more weeks, Michael Amsel, Jr., another point guard, Robin Weathersbey and several others from the football team and the Chelan Goats will be a team to contend with.



Tracy Williams Was There


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IMG_7779GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7784GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7788GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7790GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7792GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7795GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7800GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7801GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7803GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7809GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7810GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7811GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7814GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7815GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7820GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7821GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7822GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7824GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7825GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7826GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7832GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7833GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7834GBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7836GBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7842BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7844BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7845BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7852BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7856BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7866BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7867BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7872BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7873BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7876BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7877BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7878BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7884BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7887BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7888BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7890BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7893BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7896BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7899BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7900BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7907BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7910BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7912BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7913BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7917BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7920BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7928BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7935BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7936BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7937BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7940BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7941BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7942BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7948BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7954BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7960BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7967BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7969BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7976BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7977BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7982BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7984BBBJamboree.jpg
IMG_7985BBBJamboree.jpg IMG_7989BBBJamboree.jpg

For an early look, don't forget to come out next Tuesday evening, December 8, beginning at 6 p.m. with the girls followed by the boys varsity at approximately 8 p.m.

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