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JV Lady Trojans vs. Oroville 1-16-09


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Sierra Miller had an Awesome game scoring 6 points


Manson 27- Oroville 39


 Coach Bennett reports...


Sierra Miller did a really good job in a new position as a wing.  She penetrated the zone and had one fast break the length of the court. We pressed and it created some steals. Mindy Neal had 3 great shots from the wing.  Yesenia Escoto had a good all around game scoring 7 points including a 3 point shot, 3 steals and 4 rebounds.


The ladies show how well they could really play in the last half of the game. Their zone they just learned was working great!


Our next game is Tuesday, January 20th at Soap Lake. Game starts at 4:30 p.m.



Yesenia Escoto: 7 pts., 3 Steals and 4 Rebounds

Sierra Miller: 6 pts. and 1 Rebound
Mindy  Neal: 6 pts., 2 Steals and 3 Rebounds
Angelica Suarez :3 pts.

Ofelia Rodriguez: 2 pts. and 1 Assist
Ally Mendivil:2 pts., 2 Steals and 4 Rebounds
Eva Escoto -1 pts., 4 Steals and 1 Rebound

Thalia Lepley: 1 Rebound

Amanda Buck: 1 Rebound

Cheyanne McFadden: 3 Rebounds

Scoring by quarter was 07-04-10-06 = 27



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By Nancy Miller

JV Lady Trojans 27- Oroville 39

BBOroville-D90 061.JPG BBOroville-D90 062.JPG BBOroville-D90 124.JPG
BBOroville-D90 148.JPG BBOroville-D90 154.JPG BBOroville-D90 165.JPG
BBOroville-D90 169.JPG BBOroville-D90 173.JPG BBOroville-D90 183.JPG
BBOroville-D90 214.JPG BBOroville-D90 215.JPG BBOroville-D90 259.JPG
BBOroville-D90 277.JPG BBOroville-D90 293.JPG BBOroville-D90 294.JPG
BBOroville-D90 297.JPG BBOroville-D90 299.JPG BBOroville-D90 302.JPG
BBOroville-D90 331.JPG    


****** Updated Schedule as of 1-14-09

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writer for Manson School District


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