08-09 Manson Sports

JV Boys 12-16-08

Manson 44 - Mansfield 19


Photos by Nancy Miller

Alex Fajardo goes up for the shot



















 Coach Ward reports… 


Our second half defense was outstanding led by the inside play of Alex Fajardo and freshman point guard Bailey Stevens, only allowing 5 total points from the opposing Mansfield team.  Overall I was proud of the way our team rebounded the basketball and played solid help defense. 
Leading Scorers: 
Ty Harding - 8 pts.
Fernando Vasquez - 8 pts.
David Sadano - 8 pts.
Marcus Vanderholm - 6 pts.
We had 5 other point contributors, Abran Grajeda-2, Michael Valencia-4, Danny Luna-2, Jacob Cleveland-4, and Francisco Marron-2. 

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Manson JV 44 ~ Mansfield 19

12-08+BB-D90 1084.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 009.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 018.JPG
MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 024.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 036.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 039.JPG
MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 041.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 048.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 058.JPG
MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 069.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 073.JPG MHBBvsMansf12-16-08 091.JPG


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