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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Lady Trojans vs. Liberty Bell 5/5/09


Photos by Kristen Harding

Amanda Buck is safe with her awesome slide


Manson 14 – Liberty Bell 15


Manson 08- Liberty Bell 08


5/5/09 @ Liberty Bell


Coach Huddleston reports…



As the Lady Trojans near the end of regular season and make a run to the
playoffs, they dropped one game to Liberty Bell and tied in the second


These two teams were very evenly matched and will be fun to watch in future contests.

In the first game, Roni Vanderholm started on the mound backed by the
defense of her fellow teammates.  She started hot with two strike outs in
the first inning, but by the fourth, Liberty Bell came alive scoring a five
runs and shifting the momentum away from the Trojans.  Despite good hitting
from Vanderholm (3/4) and a nice double by Rachael Adcock, Manson just
couldn't seem to get the momentum back and dropped the game 14-15.

"Once again our speed and aggressive base running paid off as the night
wore on" stated Coach Beazley and Huddleston.  Marci Nelson hit a single in
the top of the first, stole second, and scored on a hit by Rachael Adcock.
That boosted the Trojans confidence to kick start the second game.

Unfortunately they ran out of daylight and the game was called at the end of
the fifth inning with the score tied 8-8.

Marci Nelson         1-3  2BB            2-4  2SB
Kelsey Harding                                2-5 2BB
Rachael Adcock    1-2 1RBI            1-2 1BB
Roni Vanderholm   3-4 1BB 1SB
Rose Averbeck                                1-1 2BB
Geovanna Valle      1-2 2BB
Verna LaCourse                               1SB


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By Kristen Harding

Lady Trojans vs. Liberty Bell 5/5/09

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