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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Coach Hill reports….


The first game started out very well for us as we came out swinging the bats really well and jumped out to a 4-0 lead, just like we have done in a lot of our games lately. Unfortunately, we were not able to keep that lead as errors, base-running mistakes and missed signs really cost us. In the first inning Leonel Castro started us off by battling back from a 0-2 count to get a walk. Castro was followed by and an infield single from Schuyler Neff. Robbie Pittman came up next and ripped a ground-rule double to left center field to score Castro. Jordan Pittman was next up and hit a ball way too hot to handle for the Shocker third basemen, which scored Neff. Miguel Escalera later knocked in our other two runs (Robbie Pittman and Stellan Giffin) in the first. Again in the second inning Castro battled back from a 0-2 count to get another walk and later scored on a base on balls for Giffin. Wade Gross scored our last run in the fifth inning as he reached base on an error by the Waterville first basemen, Gross then stole second and third. He eventually scored on a balk by the Shocker pitcher. Wade Gross pitched a pretty game again, and once again led most of the way until the fourth inning when Waterville had their big inning scoring eight runs mostly because of four errors. Robbie Pittman made a couple very nice plays at shortstop chasing down balls that were very tough catches because of the extremely strong winds. Stellan Giffin also made two very nice catches in right field right down the line while battling the wind. Miguel Escalera had his best hitting day of the year.

leonel castro: 1-2, 2 runs, 2 bb's,
schuyler neff: 1-3, 1 run, 1 bb, 1 fc, 1 k
robbie pittman: 1-4, 1 run, 1 k, 1 rbi
jordan pittman: 1-3, 1 run, 1 rbi, 1 roe
stellan giffin: 0-2, 1 k, 1 fc, 2 rbi's
wade gross: 0-3, 2 k's, 1 roe, 1 run, 2 sb's
nathan coggins: 0-2, 1 k
miguel escalera: 2-2, 2 rbi, bb
curtis mcclellen: 0-3, k

This game didn't start out as well for us as the first one did. We really struggled at the plate early on striking out five times in the first three innings, but ended up getting two runs in the third; three runs in the fourth; and two more runs in the fifth. Robbie Pittman did a great job of throwing a lot of strikes, but the Waterville hitters understood what the wind would do for their hitting and they did a great job of getting the ball up into the air, thus making it very difficult for our fielders to find and catch the ball. Ultimately our errors did us in for this game. Sophomore Stellan Giffin came in and pitched the last two innings and did a great job only giving up two runs which were both unearned. Schuyler Neff and Wade Gross both made great plays in the outfield and at shortstop. While Neff was playing centerfield in the fourth inning he made one catch that was almost right on second base because the wind was so strong it looked like it was coming to him, but it just started to drop and luckily he never gave up on it! Two batters later he chased a ball down all the way into right field, once again because of the wind. Blake Callason came into the game at second base and reached base on a walk and a fielders choice and scored runs both times, he also stole his first base of the year!

leonel castro: 0-3, 2 rbi, 2 k
devon griffith: 0-1, k
schuyler neff: 1-3, run, 1 k, 3 sb, bb
robbie pittman: 2-2, 2 runs, bb, 2 sb, 1 rbi
jordan pittman: 1-2, bb, 2 rbi, 3 sb
stellan giffin: 1-2, k, sb, bb
wade gross: 0-1, bb, sb
willie jones: 0-1, k
nathan coggins: 0-2, bb, roe
miguel escalera: 0-1, k
blake calleson: 0-1, fc, bb, sb, 2 runs
curtis mcclellen: 0-1
johnny jones: 0-1, run, k, bb

Even though we didn't win a game this year, it was still a real pleasure to coach each and everyone one of these student-athletes. Everyone of these kids are winners, many of them have stuck it out for two non-winning seasons, but because of these kids we will be able to build a program that we will be proud of in the future. They took pride in what they did all season long, and never gave up. Their attitudes were tremendous through it all, their attendance to games and practice was unbelievable, with all that they went through many people may have quit, but not these kids they kept showing up everyday. They were also very good students at school, as they got great grades in the classroom and stayed out of trouble at school making easy for me not having to deal with unhappy teachers or administration.


I believe this group truly represented our school and community all season long, and that is why I am so proud of them. We will miss our three seniors: Robbie Pittman, Wade Gross and Miguel Escalera, but they will go on to do good things after high school.


The wins will come some day, but these guys will be great assets to the world because of the people they are and not because they are or aren't great baseball players.

Thank you,
Coach Chris Hill
Manson Baseball



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