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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photo by Nancy Miller

09 HS Golf Team with Coach Nelson

Front L-R: Lupita, Monica and Liz ~ Back L-R: Ty, Austin and Isaac



Manson Golf Team plays at Alta Lake Course


April 16, 2009

Coach Nelson, reports…


The Manson golf team had a match last Thursday, 16 April, at Alta Lake Golf Course near Pateros.  Brewster, Pateros, Waterville, Oroville and Manson participated. 


Wade Gebbers of Brewster was the boy’s medalist with a 79.  The Oroville boy’s team was the only team with a team score (418); Brewster and Pateros do not have sufficient numbers of players for teams and too many Waterville and Manson players were disqualified for various reasons to achieve team scores for boys.  


No team had a sufficient number of girls for team scores and none of the 5 participating girls finished the 18 in regulation. 


Varsity scores are provided below:


School                                      Boys                                                                             Girls


Brewster                                   Wade Gebbers (79)                                                    none                                                                                                

                                                Steven Cutuli (96)

Pateros                                    Blayne Harvey (106)

                                                Luis Garabay (126)

                                                Lincoln Haas (111)

Waterville                                Clayton Ramin (107)                                   Briana Hinderer (DQ)

                                                Jesse Tollackson (113)

                                                Brett Toomey (DQ)

                                                Marcel Chambers (DQ)

                                                Joe Moser (DQ)

                                                Jay Landon (166)


Manson                                    Isaac Ewing (109)                                     Monica Anaya (DQ)

                                                Robert Hodges (112)                                  Lupita Manjares (DQ)

                                                Ty Harding (DQ)                                         Liz Morris (DQ)

                                                Austin Cochran (125)


Oroville                                     Matt Egerton (111)                                    Brittney Pelligrini (DQ)

                                                Alex Kelly (124)

                                                Calen Whitenken (113)

                                                Dylan Rise (102)

                                                Jacob Whitenken (101)

                                                Tylar Clark (104)




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