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4/01/09 Track & Field Update


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By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Manson Track and Field Update



Coach Bombaci reports…


Manson has thus far attended four regular season Track meets. It’s usually around this time of each season that coaches begin to see with greater precision just exactly what the strengths and challenges of each individual team member are, which events they need to focus on, and the specific needs they have for coaching.


Even with a team of young athletes still quite green at their respective events, Manson performances are proving to be competitive within our District. Even without all members of the team yet registering on the District “radar” the community has reason to take pride in our statistics:


In both the 100 and 200 meter dashes, Bailey Stevens is in a tie for 10th.

Fernando Rocha places at 7th in the 200 and 2nd in the 400 meter with a time of 58.34 seconds to complete the one lap of the track.

Bronte Toolson is finding her stride in the 400 by placing 4th.


Twins Maria and Kyla Chavolla are at 3rd and 5th in the metric mile with Kyla also taking 7th in the Javelin.


Maria Venegas is making the list in all three throwing events; 6th in the shot put, 8th in the discus, and 4th in the javelin.


We can say with great confidence that Personal Records will continue to be set and more names will be added to this list. Stay tuned. Great things are in store.

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