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2/3 JV Boys vs. Liberty Bell



Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Michael Valencia gives Liberty Bell his all and takes the ball!


Manson 49  -  Liberty Bell 21




 Coach Scott Ward reports…. 

This was a really good win for our team.  We played extremely well defensively and did a great job with our press.  Offensively, for the most part, we were patient and took good shots most of the game.  I think the boys did a good job recognizing mismatches and getting the right people the ball at the right times. 

The scoring was evenly distributed as every player scored at least one point and our highest scorer, Miguel Lopez, had a modest 12.  Nathan Coggins had a very good game ending with 7 points and did a great job rebounding.  Colton Hodges followed with 6 points in 2 quarters of play.  Michael Valencia, David Sadano, and Jacob Cleveland were very aggressive in the press and created several turnovers.  Ammon Simmons and Danny Luna both ended the game with 4 points each and also played very strong inside by rebounding and denying easy baskets. Javier Guillen was limited to one quarter of play but did an outstanding job when he was in there. 

Scoring Summary:

First Quarter:      Manson 12 - Liberty Bell 6
Second Quarter:  Manson 22 - Liberty Bell 10
Third Quarter:     Manson 35 - Liberty Bell 19
Fourth Quarter:   Manson 49 - Liberty Bell 21

Overall Record:  10-6
League Record:  6-4


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By Nancy Miller

JV Trojans vs. Liberty Bell
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 058.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 062.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 063.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 118.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 121.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 124.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 125.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 126.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 132.JPG
BBvsLBhome2-4-09 137.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 138.JPG BBvsLBhome2-4-09 139.JPG
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