08-09 Manson Sports

2/19 Trojans vs. Bridgeport


Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Sky Neff scores his Number 22 once again!


Manson Trojans 61 - Bridgeport 67



 Sue Neff reports....


Quarter scores:

 Manson      16 30 44 61

 Bridgeport  19 30 47 67 


Last night was such a great game and the kids played their hearts out.  The final score was Bridgeport 67 and Manson 61.  They played Bridgeport neck and neck through the whole game. We were tied at the half and were never out of the game more than a few points. 


We had a great crowd from Manson that helped bring the gym noise to a crazy level.  You watch the last game with such mixed feelings…. A little glad that the season is over but sad to see it end when the kids are playing such good basketball. 


They really grew as a team over the season and made watching them play exciting.  I credit Coach Crollard with their growth as basketball players. 


Individual scoring was as follows:


Sky Neff scored his numbers again 22

Jordan Pittman: 9

Ruben Guillen: 08

Alex Escalera:08

Rob Pittman: 8

Javier Guillen: 04

Wade Gross:02


Bridgeport high scorer was R. Valdovinos with 20, R. Udell with 15, Miguel Torres with 10, A. Valdovinos with 9, J. Bucio with 8, Marvin Torres with 3 and A. Osorio with 2.


See you next year… Sue Neff


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By Nancy Miller

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