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2/19 JV boys vs. Bridgeport

Trojan Basketball Reporting

By Heidi Neal and Nancy Miller

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Photos by Nancy Miller

Senior, David Sedano scores 6 potints in his final Trojan game


Manson 51  -  Bridgeport 49



 Coach Scott Ward reports…. 


In our final week of play the JV boys went 1 and 1 losing a close game against a tough Oroville team and winning a close one against a scrappy Bridgeport team.  The win against Bridgeport brings our final record to 9-5 in league play and 13-7 overall.

In Oroville we had a lot of problems scoring points and turning the ball over.  Oroville did a good job defensively shutting our scorers down and minimizing their output.  On the defensive end of the floor we were lazy and settling for the cheap fouls instead of working hard, moving our feet, and playing solid defense.  I would consider this the fourth game of the year where the guys, mentally, didn’t show up to play basketball.  In the other three games that this was the case we won 1 and lost 2.  We’ve worked really hard all year trying to increase our boy’s mental toughness.  So when we came out as flat as we did in our second to last game of the season it was really disappointing to me as the coach of this team.  


On the positive side all 9 players, once again, all scored at least one point.  Jacob Cleveland led all scorers with 12 followed by Miguel Lopez with 8 and Danny Luna finished with 5 points.


On the defensive end there really weren’t any standouts, as we really didn’t play any defense.  We allowed uncontested shots, easy ball entry to the block, and Oroville rebounded at will against us. This game left our regular season record against Oroville at 0-2.

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter:   Manson-05     Oroville-9

2nd Quarter:  Manson-19     Oroville- 23

3rd Quarter:   Manson- 21   Oroville-36

4th Quarter:   Manson- 41   Oroville- 49


Against Bridgeport on Thursday night the guys seemed to have arrived a bit overconfident.  I like confidence but I could tell that our guys might have been underestimating the determination of a young Bridgeport squad and that they weren’t going to be willing to just hand us the win.  That was very true as Bridgeport came out ready to battle. 


Offensively we matched their intensity and had a pretty consistent game with our only letdown being in the second quarter where we scored 7 points.  We had a lot of guys step up offensively and contribute to a solid team win.  The scoring leaders were:  Miguel Lopez- 10, Michael Valencia- 9, Colton Hodges- 9, Jacob Cleveland- 8, Danny Luna- 7, David Sedano- 6 and Ammon Simmons- 2. 

Defensively we played hard and never let up.  We had a lot of loose balls that just weren’t bouncing our way.  That’s frustrating when you play extremely hard on the defensive end, block out pretty well, generate loose balls, and the opposing team seems to get all the right bounces. Bridgeport shot the ball really well but we also did a pretty good job minimizing second chances with the rebounding of Nathan Coggins, Ammon Simmons, Danny Luna, Miguel Lopez, and Colton Hodges. I thought that they did a good job in the bottom of our zone being physical and battling for the boards, especially in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line. 


Our guys went into the fourth quarter down by 4 points and after a little pre-quarter encouragement came out and put an exclamation point on a very successful season.  We outscored Bridgeport in the fourth quarter 17 to 11 and ended up winning by 2.  This leaves our regular season record against Bridgeport and 2-0.  



 Scoring Summary

1st Quarter:   Manson-14     Bridgeport- 12

2nd Quarter:  Manson- 21    Bridgeport- 21

3rd Quarter:   Manson- 34   Bridgeport- 38

4th Quarter:   Manson- 51    Bridgeport- 49


Final League Record:   9-5
Final Overall Record:  13-7

I am very proud of the Junior Varsity Boys Basketball team this year.  In my opinion the success of a team is not measured by wins and losses but by how much improvement they displayed over the course of the year.  I know that all of them improved their basketball skills but more importantly I think by the end of the year we had all of the guys finally buying into the style of basketball that we plan on playing here over the next couple of years to come.  This is a great group of kids with unlimited potential in the future of basketball and life. 


I would like to thank all of the fans for their support throughout the year, the parents that have allowed our coaching staff to work endless hours with their children, my family that has endured many of nights and bedtimes without me, Heidi Neal and the Manson School District to enable us coaches to be able to highlight our young group of athletes through the manson.org and golakechelan.com websites, Nancy Miller for all of the wonderful photos throughout the year, Spencer Ward and Edwardo Escalera for keeping track of the basketballs and medical kit all year, and my awesome stat keepers that kept track of my book when I would forget.  Most of all I would like to thank every member of the 2008\2009 boy’s basketball team.  I had a lot of fun this season and I hope all of you did as well. 


Coach Ward


"Thank you Coach Ward for an awesome Season!"


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Nancy Miller

Manson JV Trojans 51 - Bridgeport 49
"Way To Go JV Trojans ~ YOU Rock"

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