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Volleyball 11-1-08

By Dave Rogge 

The Lady Goats are on their way to another post-season of volleyball.

For all of the girls it is the reward for all of the hard work and training they have devoted during their 13-1 season in the Caribou Trail League. For some of them this is not the first time they have been in this situation.

In fact for 5 young ladies it is their 4 year in the post-season and if successful will be their 3rd trip to the State Tournament.


These 5 seniors have shared with GoLakeChelan that they all started playing together in the 7th grade and are now preparing what could be their last year of playing volleyball

In the course of these past 6 years these young women have developed a relationship that they feel is equal to being sisters. They realize that due to this time together and through their shared participation in other sports, that they will share this special bond for the remainder of their lives.

As GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge met with Coach Hendricks to talk about the upcoming play-offs and what we might see from the team, she shared the importance of their senior leadership this year. Now as the girls begin there preparation for the tournament they realize how their team members will be looking to them for leadership and support more than anyother time during the season.

Take a moment and hear in their words how much their growth together has come to mean to each of them.

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