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Talley & Rogge On Chelan-Cashmere




Chelan Coach Darren Talley and
GoLakeChelan's Dave Rogge
both check in with post-game reports
on last Thursday night's great match
between Chelan and Cashmere

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By Coach Talley

Chelan 28 - Cashmere 38

What a perfect start to a football game taking on the #2 in State ranked Cashmere Bulldogs. 

Our football team came out firing perfectly on offense, defense, and special teams. 

The score was Chelan 21 - 0 early in the second quarter, and 21-9 at the half. 

Cashmere came out in the second half playing perfect ball to take the lead back 31-28 and never looked back finishing the game 38-28 verses a tough Chelan Goat football team. 

If both teams win their next two games they will meet again in the quarter final playoff game.
Our offense ran and through the ball with great success in the first half. 

Cole Soreano was awesome on some of his hard fought runs up the middle.  Derrick Talley and Greg Schultz pounded the perimeter.  Joe Harris threw the ball with authority to Greg Schultz for three catches on the night, Julio Juarez one catch on the night, and twice to Derrick Talley each for a touch down. 

Our line of scrimmage just flat got after Cashmere in that first half.  We really wanted to prove we could play with a great team like Cashmere. 

We just couldn't sustain the intensity of that first half and let them back into the game. 

We answered with a touch down from Joe Harris to Derrick Talley late in the third, but crucial penalties and our only turn over of the game kept us from getting any momentum in the second half. 

Cashmere's defense had only allowed 29 points verses their first 7 opponents.  For us to score 28 on them is a great complement to our offense.
Defensively our team played excellent football in the first half holding an explosive Cashmere offense to just 9 points. 

Cashmere has averaged 47 points per game offensively coming into this game in their first seven games of the season. 

Derrick Talley led the team in tackles with 12 and one ball knock down. 

Gage Schmidt was awesome on the edge with 8 tackles and 1.5 QB sacks. 

Greg Schultz has been so steady as a shut down corner and added 9 tackles and one ball knock down in this game. 

Joe Harris had a great night with 8 tackles. 

Cole Soreano did a good job on the edge, too, with 7 tackles. 

Sean Gervais and Davey Anderson were solid in the middle with 6 and 5 tackles each. 

Reece McClelland had four tackles and was in on one sack. 
Alby Paz a freshman had 4 tackles. 

Will Nielsen was productive with 3 tackles. 
Doug Ramsey had two tackles, and Matt Pittsinger, Rhett Beauregard, Adam Hendricks, and Colter Courtney each had one tackle on the night. 

Coach Snyder our defensive coordinator put together a great plan to give our kids the best chance verses a very well balanced Cashmere offense.
Special Teams were near perfect. 

Julio Juarez went 4 for 4 on his PAT's. 
Jaime Guerrero was terrific getting his punts off safely against a very good punt blocking Cashmere team. 

Our kickoff and punt coverage held and explosive return game in check. 

It was a great night for all our special teams.
Chelan will play the second place team from the NEA Spokane League - Lakeside (Nine Mile Falls) at 1:00 pm on November 8th at Moses Lake High School. 

The winner will take on either #1 ranked Royal or Goldendale in the first round of the playoffs.  

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Darren Talley

Video Report By
Dave Rogge

Chelan Goats come out firing and took an early lead of 21-0 over the #2 Ranked, Cashmere Bulldogs, only to lose in the end 38-28.
In the first half Chelan was firing on all cylinders and had the Cashmere Bulldogs scratching their heads. 

The offense was coming up with big play after big play, scoring on each of their first three possessions. 

You will see from our game videos how dominate the Goats were over Cashmere. 

Listen to some of the comments from the coaches and players before and
after the game as captured by GoLakeChelan's  Dave Rogge

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Goats Play Again This Week-End
Lions Field in Moses Lake

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