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The Lady Goats posed with their third place trophy at the WIAA 1A State Volleyball Championships in Yakima last Friday and Saturday. Photo by Tracy Williams

Lady Goats take third in state volleyball
By Richard Uhlhorn

“The opening tournament of the season took place at the Sundome.  The Kodiaks won that tournament.  Our players will remember Coach Hendricks saying that when it really counted, we would be the ones dancing on the court. The Lady Goats Danced Saturday Night,” wrote Tracy Williams, GoLakeChelan’s photographer at the SunDome in Yakima.

Cascade beat Chelan in the opening round of league play this year in Leavenworth. Chelan beat them at Chelan and the Kodiaks won the District Championship to earn the No. 1 seed to the State Tournament. Chelan entered the State Tournament as the No. 2 seed.

No one could have guessed that it would be Chelan and Cascade meeting each other one more time for third or sixth place at the State Tournament in the SunDome.

The results of that match can only be described by Coach Donene Hendricks who said, “The girls played amazing from beginning to end. I can honestly say that we played to our highest level as we finished out a remarkable season.” The Lady Goats defeated Cascade in the consolation round for third place with the following game scores; 25-19, 25-21, 25-19.


Tracy wrote, “The Lady Goats really have plenty to be proud of. Third place at the State Tournament is a remarkable achievement.  In a sport that not only allows the players to show all of their emotion, but encourages it.  Get excited, jump up and down and let that emotion keep your momentum going or get it back in your favor.  These girls brought that emotion to the State Volleyball Tournament and it carried them.”

“Of course they would have liked to play in the State Title Game, and oh so close they were. I have to assume from the final moments on the court this weekend, that third place was not only enough, but something they will all cherish and be proud for many years to come.”

What an amazing finish to an incredible season,” wrote Hendricks. “Words cannot express how proud we are of this group of young ladies for their hard work, dedication, and never say die attitude  As we bring home the third place trophy we complete a season with a record of 18-4.” 


Our road to the third place finish was as follows:

Chelan defeated No 2 ranked Goldendale 25-21,20-25,25-20.25-17. 


 Jaicee Harris: 17 kills,14 digs,9/12 serving,4 blocks

                 Jamie Brunner: 13 kills,14/16 serving with 2 aces,14 digs,3 blocks

                  Sydney Austin: 5 killls, 1 assist,5 digs,17/18 serving with 1 ace,3 blocks17/18 serve rec.

                Houston Robison: 5 kills,15/18 srving with 2 aces, 1 block

                Darby Jenkins: 2 kills, 8 blocks,

                Kelli Bowers: 39 assists,1 kill, 12/14 serving with 1 ace, 8 digs, 1 block

AnnAlise Nelson: 5/6 serving, 7 digs


Chelan defeated (Cedar Park Christian also ranked in the top five in state) with scores of 22-25, 25-20, 25-23, 25-23.


Jaicee Harris: 22 kills,9/9 serving, 7 digs, 1 block, 10/12 serve rec.

                Jamie Brunner: 13 kills, 6/6 serve rec. 9 digs, 11/12 serving

                Sydney Austin: 7 kills, 6 digs, 17/18 serving with 2 aces, 2 blocks, 21/23 serve rec.

                Houston Robison: 3 kills, 1 block, 5/5 serve rec., 2 assists, 2 digs

                Darby Jenkins:  3 blocks, 5 kills

                AnnAlise Nelson:  9/12 serving with 1 ace, 16/17 serve rec., 5 digs

                Kelli Bowers:  2 kills, 44 assists, 12/14 serving with 1 ace, 6 digs

Kaylee Robelia:  2/4 serving with 1 ace

                Olivia Plew: 1/1 serving


Semifinal match :  Castlerock def. Chelan 27-29, 25-18, 29-27, 25-20. 

“This was a hard fought match with the Lady Goats giving it everything they had.  The only difference was a few too many missed serves and some hitting errors,” wrote Hendricks.


Jaicee Harris:  24 kills ( season high), 19/21 serving with 3 aces, 1 block, 6 digs, 14/15 serve rec

          Jamie Brunner: 18 kills (season high), 6 digs, 1 block, 11/13 serve rec. 13/17 serving with 1 ace

          Sydney Austin: 11 kills, 3 assists, 17/18 serving with 2 aces, 10 digs, 3 blocks

          Houston Robison: 5 kills, 2 blocks, 5/8 serving with 1 ace

          Darby Jenkins: 5 kills, 4 blocks,

          Kelli Bowers: 5 kills, 50 assists,1 block,5 digs, 17/18 serving

          AnnAlise Nelson: 9/11 serving, 10 digs, 18/19 serve rec.  

          Kaylee Robelia:  5/7 serving with 2 aces


Consolation match for 3rd/6th.  Chelan defeated Cascade  25-19, 25-21, 25-19.


Jaicee Harris: 9 kills, 6/8 serving, 8 digs, 1 block, 11/11 serve rec.

Jamie Brunner: 10 kills, 2 blocks, 4/4 serve rec. 13/14 serving with 1 ace,14 digs

Sydney Austin:12 kills, 1 assist, 12 digs, 14/15 serving with 2 aces, 1 blocks

Houston Robison: 1 kill, 2 assists, 2 blocks, 3/4 servin

Darby Jenkins: 4 blocks, 2 kills

AnnAlise Nelson: 9/11 serving with 2 aces, 13/15 serve rec., 6 digs

Kelli Bowers:  2 kills, 30 assists, 1 block, 14/14 serving, 2 digs

Cari Williams:  4/6 serving with 1 ace,


Tracy Williams finished with this;”For the Seniors - AnnAlise Nelson, Darby Jenkins, Kaylee Robelia, Sydney Austin and Jaime Brunner, how sweet it must have been to not only grab that third place trophy, but to take it from their own league rival the Cascade Kodiaks.These two teams have had some of the best battles in North Central Washington for years, and  these girls have been right in the middle of many of those battles.”


Congratulations to the Lady Goats on a fine season of exciting volleyball.


For more of Tracy's photos, go here: photosbyspike.ifp3.com




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