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Senior Fullback Cole Soreano was the only running back that had any success against the blistering defense put up by the Royal Knights against Chelan last Saturday.  Soreano ran for 116 yards of rushing on 17 carries for the Goats.


Royal ends Chelan football season 46-7

By Richard Uhlhorn


The Chelan Goats had a rough go of it on Saturday when they faced off with against the defending state champions and number one ranked Royal on Knight’s beautiful football field.


The Goats, playing in their first round playoff game since 1973, came in full of confidence that they could play with anyone and quickly found out that being very good wasn’t enough against a great program like the Knights.


Coach Darren Talley tells the story from his perspective very well:


“Offensively we moved the ball at times, but not consistently against one of the best defenses we have seen all year.  Royal was so fast at flow defense that our best plays were our quick hitters up the middle.  This in turn then gave us a little more room on the edges for some sweeps chalking up 182 yards rushing on 48 carries.


Our passing department worked hard during the game, too, and completed 5 of 16 for 63 yards in the air and one touch down from Joe Harris to Derrick Talley. 


On three called pass plays Harris was under so much pressure that he tucked the ball and ran for minus 14 yards. 


It was not the type of day we scripted or expected.  We were confident we would be able to play ball control and keep it away from a dangerous Royal defense, but long drives into the end zone and burning the clock up were not to be had on this day. 


Cole Soreano was a work horse up the middle 23 times for 116 yards rushing.  Derrick Talley rushed 11 times for 46 yards and Greg Schultz 6 times for 17 yards around the ends.  Gage Schmidt carried the ball 3 times up the middle for 8 yards.  Matt Pittsinger ran up the middle 1 time for 3 yards, and Matt Peterson went back around the end 1 time for 6 yards.”


Royal’s defense was blistering. Any team that can hold Derrick Talley to a mere 46 yards of rushing and Greg Schultz to 17 yards is tough. Cole Soreano was the highlight of the day for Chelan. It seemed that each time the ball was in his hands, he got at least six yards out of the carry.


Defensively, the Goats were not able to effectively wrap up the Knight’s runners. Coach Talley talks about that part of the game below:


“Defensively we had a hard time containing one excellent player on Royal's team.  Our team was tough on defense all year and ran into a blizzard in this game.  Coach Snyder our defensive coordinator had a solid game plan to try and contain a high powered Royal offense, but it proved tough to execute on the field.  After a brilliant season on defense this was a hard way to end.”


And so the football season came to an end for the highly successful Chelan Goats. For Coach Talley it was bittersweet. His son Derrick finished his high school football career on a sore ankle and is looking forward to playing college ball somewhere. We’ve heard it might be San Diego State.


Cole Soreano is another player who should be offered a college football scholarship somewhere. He is tough, dedicated and talented as a running back and on defense, Soreano is ruthless in his quest to defend against an opponent’s offense.


Coach Talley finishes off his story on this season that has brought so much joy and fun to the parents and fans of Chelan Football.


“The end to a perfect season.  It was beautiful poetry in motion at times.  It was brute physical force at times.  It was bittersweet seeing how close the team had bonded and now must go their own way.  The memories they will have together of great efforts, and great feats will live on.  The thoughts of the fall of 2008 football season will stir fond memories to all those who gave all they could and the best they could for as long as they could.  I am so proud of all our football players that fought so hard down the stretch against some great teams.  


If there is one phrase to describe this team it would be "athleticism and heart - technique and effort".  More members of this team came together and worked harder than any other team I've been a part of in my 26 years of coaching and it showed.  Our captains (seniors - Derrick Talley, Sean Gervais, Gary Morgan, Davey Anderson, Greg Schultz, and junior Joe Harris) were leaders of this team even before they were selected this fall by their teammates.


I commend them for all their great attitudes, work ethic, and leadership, which helped shape our team into a year that we will all cherish for the rest of our lifetimes.  I must point out some memories of the game that are above the norm: 


My son, Derrick not being able to run all week and coming out and doing his best, with a really bad ankle that got worse from the first warm-up run through the last run of his night.


Greg Schultz who fully dislocated his bad shoulder again and having his Dad Eric come out of the stands at Greg's request to pull his shoulder back into place, and then, Greg jumping back into action and finishing the game. 


Joe Harris playing on a sore knee, and a sore back. 


Cole Soreano playing with a calcium deposit in his bicep. 


About half of our big guys sick leading up to the game who all played their hearts out even though they couldn't breath very well.  Way above and beyond the call of duty, but just part of the game behind the scene.  Heroes that will not be forgotten.”


It has been a fun and rewarding season for us in the media also. Our congratulations go to the Chelan Goats and its coaching staff for bringing such a fine football program to Chelan High School.


Following are some of the highlights of the this season from Coach Talley:


Season highlights for us:

1)  Being only the second team since 1973 to win 7 games or more.

2)  Being only the second team since 1973 to get to the 1st round of the playoffs.

3)  Winning our playoff crossover game in great fashion against a tough Lakeside team.

4)  Jumping out on top of both Cashmere and Cascade at the half.

5)  Starting the season off with 61 players of which 25 were freshman.

6)  Controlling our destiny and fighting for a league title all the way through the season to our last matchup verses Cashmere.

7)  Being able to score 362 points on offense.

8)  Holding our opponents to only 168 points on defense.

9)  Rushing for almost 3000 yards (2912 total yards).

10)  Passing for 871 yards.

11)  Our solo tackle total of 457.

12)  Our assisted tackle total of 272.

13)  Behind the line of scrimmage tackles 18 times.

14)  Sacking the QB 21 times.

15)  Intercepting 13 balls.

16)  Defense caused 11 fumbles

17)  Defense recovered 10 of those caused fumbles.

18)  Our JV team having a perfect 7-0 season, and beating Cashmere at Cashmere.


Individual (offensive) season highlights for us:

1)  Derrick Talley rushing for the second year in a row over 1000 yards in a season, with 128 carries for 1339 yards a 10.46 yard per carry average, and 18 rushing TD's.  Receiving one 2 point conversion.

2)  Cole Soreano rushing for 644 yards on 93 carries a  6.93 yard per carry average, and 7 rushing TD's.

3)  Greg Schultz rushing for 375 yards on 61 carries a  6.15 yard per carry average, and 2 rushing TD's.  Rushing for two 2 point conversions and receiving one 2 point conversion.

4)  Joe Harris rushing for 201 yards on 39 carries a  5.15 yard per carry average, and 4 rushing TD's.

5)  Matt Pittsinger rushing for 83 yards on 18 carries a  4.61 yard per carry average, and 2 rushing TD's.

6)  Gage Schmidt rushing for 76 yards on 16 carries a  4.75 yard per carry average, and 1 rushing TD.

7)  Alby Paz rushing for 69 yards on 16 carries a  4.31 yard per carry average, and 1 rushing TD.

8)  Matt Peterson rushing for 62 yards on 13 carries a  4.77 yard per carry average.

9)  Cole Schwartz rushing for 28 yards on 8 carries a  3.50 yard per carry average.

10)  Cristian Krumbah rushing for 20 yards on 4 carries a  5.0 yard per carry average, and 1 rushing TD.

11)  Adam Hendricks rushing for 11 yards on 1 carry.

12)  Jaime Guerrero rushing for 7 yards on 1 carry.

13)  Louie Saucedo rushing for 1 yard on 1 carry.

14)  Joe Harris throwing for 851 yards going 36 for 72 a 50% completion rate, with 12 TD's.

15)  Derrick Talley catching 15 receptions for 383 yards a 25.53 yard per catch average, and 7 receiving TD's.

16)  Greg Schultz catching 10 receptions for 292 yards a 29.20 yard per catch average, and 3 receiving TD's.

17)  Julio Juarez catching 5 receptions for 101 yards a 20.20 yard per catch average, and 1 receiving TD.

18)  Davey Anderson catching 3 receptions for 38 yards a 12.67 yard per catch average, and 1 receiving TD.

19)  Brooks Gatzemeier catching 3 receptions for 37 yards a 12.33 yard per catch average.

20)  Julio Juarez going 36 for 40 on PAT's and being stellar on kick offs.

21)  Jaime Guerrero being stellar on placing his punts.


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