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Middle School Football Camp

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Football Camp 

June 2nd, 3rd, 4th

(Tue, Wed, Thur)


This camp is designed to build a solid foundation for all participants and to familiarize them with drills, skills, and procedures to be successful during the fall football season. 

  • Individual position skills and fundamentals
  • Team concepts
  • Punt, pass, and kick competitions with prizes
  • All drills are non-contact
  • Camp T-shirt included

Athletes should be prepared for physical activity.  Wear shorts, shirt, and PE shoes/football cleats.


A fee of $15 payable to Chelan Middle School is required of all participants.

Return form and fee to:  Greg Griffiths, Chelan Middle School.

Questions?  Contact Randy Silva at 470-0077 or silvar@chelanschools.org


Student Name______________________________________Grade________________


Parent Name_______________________________________Number_______________


Alternate Emergency Contact_______________________________________________


As parent/legal guardian, I authorize a qualified physician to examine the above named student in the event of injury, and to administer emergency care.  I understand every effort will be made to contact me prior to treatment.  It is my responsibility for any and all medical expenses which may be incurred while participating in this camp, and to make payment for any services rendered.


Signature of Parent/Guardian_____________________________Date_____________

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