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Clockwise from top left: Football Coach Darren Talley; Girls Soccer Coach Erik Peterson; Cross-Country Coach Mark Anderson; and Volleyball Coach Donene Hendricks.



Chelan High School honors fall athletes at banquet
by Richard Uhlhorn

There was standing room only at the Chelan High School Fall Sports Banquet on Thursday evening, November 20, as parents, fans, and coaches turned out to honor their athletes for an incredible fall sports program that had the Volleyball team taking a third place at the State Tournament, a Football team completing its most successful season since 1973, a Cross-Country Team bringing home a third place trophy for the girls and a fifth place for the boys effort against the best runners in the state, and a Girls Soccer program that is in a building stage.

To begin the evening awards ceremony, CHS Athletic Director, Scott Raab, spoke about the success of the CHS athletic programs and its “incredible coaches, athletes and parents.” Rabb also thanked staff at the high school for keeping on track.

Football Coach Darren Talley had 22 players who earned all league certificates. He stated that other coaches in the league (coaches vote for all league status) didn’t know the players names, but definitely remembered jersey numbers. “In our meeting, they would say, ‘Who is No. 77?’”

Talley lauded a number of players who received Honorable Mentions including Cole Soreano who received that honor for both offensive and defensive play. “If the season had gone several more weeks, I believe Cole would have earned 1st team status over other players in the league,” said Talley. He also mentioned Gage Schmidt’s 7 ½ sacks on the season.

Joe Harris received 2nd Team status as a quarterback. Talley said, “I fought for him to be 1st Team, but Cashmere’s senior quarterback Derek Todd got the nomination.”

Julio Juarez, Chelan’s kicker received the nomination for 2nd Team status and also received a four year letter award. “He shares this with Tate Collins and Brett Linehan which puts him in some pretty good company,” stated Talley.

Derrick Talley was selected as 1st Team-All League as a running back and defensive back and was named the CTL co-offensive player of the year as a running back with Cashmere’s Derek Todd.

Other players on the football team being honored were:
            Greg Schultz – 2nd Team-All League on offense and defense
            Julio Juarez – Honorable Mention as a receiver
            Doug Ramsey – 1st Team-All League as an offensive and defensive tackle
            Colter Courtney – 2nd Team-All League, offensive lineman
            Reece McClellan – Honorable Mention – offensive lineman
            Will Nielsen – Honorable Mention – offensive lineman
            Quin Courtney – Honorable Mention – offensive lineman
            Gary Morgan - Honorable Mention – defensive lineman
            Davey Anderson - Honorable Mention – tight end, 2nd Team at linebacker
            Sean Gervais - Honorable Mention – linebacker
            Gage Schmidt - Honorable Mention – linebacker
            Jaime Guerrero – 1st Team-All League – punter
            The Chelan Sportsmanship Award went to Reece McClellan

“You don’t get to this position against the elite of other teams without a lot of hard work,” said Coach Tally.


Coach Erik Peterson told those in attendance that the Lady Chivas had a good year. “It was fantastic to work with this group of girls. We had little to no experience to one player who has played all four years,” said Peterson.

The soccer program had only one girl receive an All-League nomination and that was sophomore Casey Canavan who received an Honorable Mention by the other CTL coaches.

Peterson turned the podium over to assistant coach Gilberto Romero who gave Victoria Wright a four year letter certificate. Romero than proceeded to invite more girls to join the program. “It’s an easy game to play,” he said.

Chelan Booster Club:

Chelan Booster Club board member Paul Nelson put a plug in for new members to join the club. “This is a great opportunity to help,” he said. “Some of our kids are graduating and we will be leaving the organization, so it would be great to have some people take over. It’s not a super demanding position.” He invited the parents to visit the Booster Club’s website which is located here: http://www.chelanschools.org/hs/sports/booster/index.htm


After everyone took a break to eat some of the great deserts that parents brought to the banquet, Coach Donene Hendricks talked about this year’s volleyball program.

The Lady Goats were selected to receive the CTL Sportsmanship Award and successfully placed third at the State Volleyball Tournament. “We did it be beating our arch rivals… Cascade,” said Hendricks. She thanked everyone for their support throughout the season.

Chelan had three girls make 1st Team-All League status including outside hitters, sophomore Jaicee Harris and senior Jamie Brunner. Junior Kelli Bowers was selected for 1st team status as Chelan’s setter.

Senior Sydney Austin and junior Houston Robison were both selected for 2nd Team-All League honors. Senior blocker Darby Jenkins received a Honorable Mention. Coach Hendricks was named ‘Coach of the Year’ for the second year in a row.


Coach Mark Anderson was also named CTL Coach of the Year and he led the cross-country teams to a third place (girls) and fifth place (boys) finish at the State runoffs. Both the boys and girls were CTL champions this year.

“Reflecting back on the season I would say that we were stewards of position,” said Anderson. “Our kids had an uncanny ability to put themselves in the right spot at the right time.”

On the girls side, junior Gabby Guillen placed fourth at the State Tournament. “We had four kids in the top 30 runners,” said Anderson. That is what nailed the third place spot for the girls team.

Named for 1st Team-All League honors from Chelan were:

            Junior Gabby Guillen
            Sophmore Lyndsey Fox
            Sophmore Mari Schramm

Second team honors went to:

            Sophmores Maddy and Cody Knaub

An Honorable Mention went to both junior Merya Carnon and sophomore Sara Waskewitz.

On the boys side, 1st Team-All League honors went to:

            Senior Chase Anderson
            Freshman Raven Berman
            Junior Cyrus Desmarais

Second team honors went to:

            Freshman Niles Desmarais
            Senior Tyler Clark.

After these honors were given out the various teams broke up into individual rooms to hand out other awards to these deserving athletes.

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